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A SEAL’S PLEASURE (Uniformly Hot!) by Tawny Weber

"Tawny Weber has a gift when it comes to writing about hot SEALs and the woman they fall for. A SEAL's PLEASURE picks up where A SEAL's Secret ends and boy does Weber not disappoint. I loved the banter and the amazing journey Weber takes them on to finding their happily ever after together."

YA Preview: May Must-Reads

Megan Simpson is here with the upcoming YA novels you don't want to miss, including books by Kasie West, Holly Bodger, Kimberly Karalius, Renee Ahdieh, Susan Ee, and Francesca Zappia.

SCANDAL: Season 4, Episode 19

Last night's SCANDAL ends with a "Whaaaaaat?!??!" moment. Our recap gives you all the details...SPOILER ALERT!!

THE AMERICANS: Season 3, Episode 12

Last night's episode kept our Scandal at the edge of her seat. She finally caught her breath and has a recap. Next week is the season finale!

Q&A: Christina Lauren’s BEAUTIFUL SECRET

The Beautiful series has become iconic in this new era of erotic romance. It is all thanks Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, who, blended together, form the writing team known as Christina Lauren...
Glasses 3

#HunkDay: Hot Guys in Glasses

Happy Tax Day! Today’s #HunkDay is dedicated to all the hotties with glasses (which is scientifically proven to make you a smarter person. Probably.) Hopefully this inspires you to get all your forms submitted!

For the Love of the Game: Baseball Romances

"I once went on a forum for romance readers and asked, “So, sports romances?” and got crickets, aside from a couple of NASCAR romances. More power to readers who like those, but I don’t even own a car, so NASCAR’s not really my thing. I read a couple of ex-NFL player romances, but these were mostly heroes with the bodies of linebackers who had retired to become teachers or coaches or whatever, not active players. Nice, but it didn’t really scratch the itch..."

YOUNGER: Season 1, Episode 4

Are you watching YOUNGER, the new show from Sex and the City creator Darren Starr? It has us completely charmed (the fact that it's set in book publishing doesn't hurt :) Today Tiffany Tyer joins us (welcome, Tiffany!) with a recap of last night's episode.

BROKEN JULIET by Leisa Reyven

"This series is perfection, absolute perfection. Now beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, and I know not everyone loves angst or bad-boy thespians, but I freaking loved it. Most times the sequel isn’t half as good as the first book, but BROKEN JULIET is spectacular. It manages to bring in new storylines while keeping the same feel of the last book. It feels fresh yet familiar – the perfect continuation of an amazing story..."

Q&A: Marie Force On Her New QUANTUM Trilogy

Marie Force has 40 successful books under her belt, including multiple series. With her newest series, Quantum, she is switching things up! This is her first foray specifically into the erotic romance genre. It’s not that her existing books are not sexy—they are—but this trilogy is meant to be highly erotic. It has a BDSM theme, and is written in first person, a big change for Force...


"Oh boy, what a story. A HIGHLANDER’s PASSION is difficult to read at times but the pay off is worth it. I am normally not a heroine cheerleader; I wear more of the hero apologist hat in my reading circles. I will fully admit to being harder on heroines because I expect more out of us lady folks. Kenzie Denune needs all of the cheerleading and love she can get. That poor woman has dealt with more than her share of crap. If our bear-shifter hero Bryce Matheson wasn’t so good at the grovel, I’d say he doesn’t deserve her love. Luckily, his groveling is on point."

THE ROYALS: Season 1, Episode 5

This week secrets and relationships are brought to the light. Much is revealed, ironically, during the Masquerade ball...

WOLF HALL: Episode 2

Elizabeth K. Mahon is here with a recap of last night's WOLF HALL, the mini series based on the bestselling, Man Booker Prize-winning novel by Hilary Mantel.

MAD MEN: Season 7, Episode 9

“New Business” opens with a father-son interaction that is rarely ever seen on MAD MEN. Don is preparing chocolate milkshakes in Betty’s kitchen -- thus setting up an episode full of MAD MEN’S prominent theme: nostalgia.

BEAUTIFUL SECRET (Beautiful Bastard #4) by Christina Lauren

"When I think of the Beautiful Bastard series, I think of funny, sometimes irritating, but always extremely hot and sexual heroes. But with BEAUTIFUL SECRET, Christina Lauren give us a somewhat reluctant hero who doesn’t know what he wants, doesn’t know how to say what he wants, and is somewhat afraid to do anything. Niall Stella was so not what I was expecting (especially given he was Max’s little brother), but his quirky English charm won me over just the same..."

GAME OF THRONES: Season 5, Episode 1

All the major players are back in this, the first episode of Season 5, "The Wars to Come.” It has been some time since the last episode of GAME OF THRONES and for those of you who are worried you may have forgotten a few details, don’t fret, it was easy to pick right back up again...

Books to Buy: New Releases Week of April 14

Every Sunday we preview noteworthy new releases. This week we have books by Nora Roberts, Lauren Layne, Shayla Black, Christina Lauren, Paula Paul, Charlotte Stein, Laura Kaye and Colleen Coble. Happy reading~

Passion from the Past

There are many theories regarding the soul and soulmates. The concept of a soulmate originates as far back as Ancient Greek writings. A soulmate was said to be the other half of an androgynous being who had been split in two by a wrathful god and only by reuniting with the other half of their soul would that being experience nirvana. Throughout the ages, its meaning has changed into today’s romantic notions of two souls traveling a number of lives, and in each subsequent lifetime they search, even unintentionally, for the other until they meet once again. In crafting Remember Me, I explored the notion of what if soulmates truly do exist?

Best of the West

We are thrilled to have Kimberly Rocha of the fabulous Book Obsessed Chicks here today to discuss one of her favorite romance genres – Westerns! Every month she stops by to make sure you don’t miss her old and new favs set in the wild, wild, West. Kimberly is one of the most well-read, knowledgeable bloggers in all of romance. You can take her recommendations to heart!

THE AMERICANS: Season 3, Episode 11

Paige kicks off this week’s episode with some hard questions for her parents. Throughout the course of the episode we have several more encounters between Paige and her parents, each one more uncomfortable than the next...


"Susanna Kearsley is one of my all-time favorite authors. Her books will whisk you away to another time, rich with detail and history. If asked to recommend a time travel book or a historical fiction steeped in Jacobite facts, Kearsley’s books are my go-to."
Baseball 2

#HunkDay: Baseball Hotties

Batter up—it's MLB opening season! To celebrate the new beginning of America's favorite pastime, we're dedicating today's #HunkDay to a few grand slamming players on the field. We're sure they have no problems getting to any bases. ;)
part time cowboy

PART TIME COWBOY by Maisey Yates

"I am a big fan of the Copper Ridge series by Maisey Yates. The small-town community, the richly drawn characters, and the absolutely wonderful dialogue all come together to make these books immensely readable."

Covered with Ink

Tattoo artist Sia O’Donnell from FULL CONTACT, the third book in the Redemption series of standalone erotic fighter romance novels, shares her top five romance book covers featuring tattooed heroes, and a few juicy tidbits about her own experiences with the love of her life, underground fighter, Ray.

Cinderella: The New “It” Girl

There’s something about a rags-to-riches heroine who stays kind-hearted. This has to be the core appeal, but Disney recently gave the Cinderella romance an update…a really good update. Have you seen the new movie? I love Kenneth Branagh’s stylish take. The vivid colors. The set textures. Secondary characters with depth. And thank you, Mr. Branagh for giving us a prince with some dimension.