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Some Like it Hot: Erotica Picks

With Halloween right around the corner, I decided to partake in the festivities by bringing you my favorite paranormal erotica. Each of these erotic tales features sexual encounters with the supernatural.   She Craves the Satyr: Villa by Celia Dunroy While I have a soft spot for paranormal erotica, I was especially impressed with the seamless mixture of moments that Celia wove throughout this short. There were raunchy moments that made me tingle, intimate moments that melted my heart, and moments of discovery (both literal and emotional) that kept me intrigued. I genuinely appreciated the flow of this story and how it tapped into many levels of the human psyche.       Moan for Bigfoot by Virginia Wade Wade does an excellent job of “easing” her readers into her story by starting off with… Continue

The Five Real-Life Rockers Who Make Me Swoon

I never intended to write an eight book series about rock stars, fame and the life of the celebrity. It all started with a novella called Tropical Sin, which starred the world’s greatest rock star, Nick Blackthorne, going through an existential crisis and the two people he helps bring together. But once Nick came to be, he wouldn’t shut up…and then his world consumed me and the Heart of Fame series was born. The series started with Love’s Rhythm, which released back in April 2012, and ends with Blackthorne (available now). In between those two books are six stories that all look at the life of the celebrity, and in four cases, the world of the rock stars. And when you’re writing books about rock stars, you have to turn to the sexiest… Continue

DESTINY’S CAPTIVE by Beverly Jenkins

Destiny’s Captive is the third book in Beverly Jenkins’s wonderful Destiny series, which follows the travails of the three Yates brothers and the strong-willed women they fall madly in love with. The books are set, for the most part, on the California ranch of matriarch Alanza Yates; Alanza has spent most of her life working hard to make her ranch profitable after a fall from grace from the Spanish gentry. Each installment has offered a fun, unique romp through the history of the American West, with memorable characters and Jenkins’s signature penchant for fast-paced adventure. In Destiny’s Embrace, Lanza’s rancher (step)son Logan falls for the virgin seamstress his mother has bought in from Philadelphia to be his housekeeper. In Destiny’s Surrender, lady’s man lawyer Drew loses his heart to Billie the sharp-shooting whore… Continue

Halloween Photos of Your Favorite Authors!

  Happy Halloween! Who can’t resist such a fun holiday where you can dress up and go out for a night of revelry? We asked our Loveswept, Flirt, and Ballantine Bantam Dell authors to send in past Halloween photos along with their favorite paranormal romance/Halloween-esque book! Your favorites authors, including Virna DePaul, Jude Deveraux, Molly O’Keefe, Mira Lynn Kelly, and Jamie Schmidt, among many others contributed—you’ll have a blast looking through their ingenious costumes!   Happy Halloween!   Ashlyn Macnamara Ashlyn Macnamara (author of WHAT A LADY CRAVES)
Q: Tell us about this photo. A: This is a Halloween party in 1985. My husband and I were at university and newly dating. I think I was a starlet–those are Madonna-style sunglasses on my head! I made the bodice entirely by hand, as I had… Continue

Excerpt: FREED (Club Sin) by Stacey Kennedy

We’re thrilled to share an excerpt from FREED, the new novel in Stacey Kennedy’s BDSM series, Club Sin. This novel follows Mary Schmidt, a woman who’s spent her life a submissive, but only to one man: her now deceased husband and Elliott Foster, the brown-eyed Dom, who may just be the man to get Mary back in the lifestyle… FREED will be available for purchase on November 4, 2014. Freed by Stacey Kennedy (Chapter One Excerpt) by Romance At RandomContinue
First Strike_Pamela Clare

Box Set for a Cause: Helping an Author Fight Breast Cancer

This past April, USA Today bestselling author Pamela Clare was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her fellow authors have banded together to help with her medical expenses with The LAST HERO STANDING box set, available now. All proceeds will go to Pamela Clare’s medical expenses. The LAST HERO STANDING features 11 novels and novellas for only 99 cents, including a bonus short story from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love. This box set will be available for ONE MONTH ONLY. Everyone who touched this project donated their time and stories. Please help them help Pamela by treating yourself and your friends to a box set of 11 emotional stories filled with all types of heroes from small town to international action-adventure who earn and protect those they love.  Read Pamela’s Story.    … Continue


When Bethany Rogers’s sister dies in combat in Afghanistan, Bethany, a teacher and part-time interior decorator, takes in the nine-month-old daughter her sister left behind. As she struggles with the challenges of raising a young child, she gratefully accepts the help of her fellow Ladies Who Lunch as well as Robert Ashford, her longtime friend and boss at Ashford Homes. Robert is great with kids and has always mentioned wanting a family of his own. Beth soon feels more than gratitude toward her handsome helper, and longs to give in to the growing heat and desire brewing between them. But will loving Robert further complicate her already spinning-out-of-control life? And is he drawn to her, or to the idea of a ready-made family?    Sealing the Deal is the third installment in Sandy… Continue

#HunkDay: MMA

Happy Hunk Day, ladies and gents! Today we’ve turned our attention to a new trend in heroes..the MMA fighter. We have to admit that we were also very inspired by the latest in Sidney Halston’s Worth the Fight series: FULL CONTACT. Her story features bad boy fighter Slade Martin, who we couldn’t help falling in love with. Warning: all of the fighters on today’s list may not exactly be MMA fighters, but hey, who are we to discriminate against a ripped, sweaty fighter who prefers boxing to mixed martial arts? We’ve picked five to feature here but there will be more hotties popping up on our Romance at Random Facebook and Twitter and our Loveswept Pinterest page. Do you have a thing for fighters? Who is your favorite MMA fighting hero? 1. Um, hello, perfection, Continue

SONS OF ANARCHY, Season 7, Episode 8

If last week’s episode was any indication of where the season is headed, then my nerves are going to be shot by the series end. I’m just hoping for the club to receive some good karma, and soon. In episode, eight titled “The Separation Of Crows,” we are thrown right into the drama of it all. Hold on to your seats —  this one is a doozy. The episode opens somberly with Jax sitting on the roof of the compound. Gemma is still at the cabin. Wendy is shown with the kids. Juice tells a prison guard, he is ready to talk, and Bobby; poor Bobby is shown alive with a bandage over his eye. Chibbs finds Jax on the roof contemplating his options regarding August Marks actions against the club. Chibbs acts as a… Continue

Excerpt: TEARDROP by Lauren Kate

We’re so excited to be able to share an excerpt from Teardrop by Lauren Kate. If you liked the dark magic and mystery of the Fallen series, you’ll love the newest epic romance saga from Lauren Kate: Teardrop and Waterfall, on sale today! The Teardrop series, of which Teardrop is the first book, is an epic saga of heart-stopping romance, devastating secrets, and dark magic that follows Eureka, a girl haunted by Ander, a blonde boy who knows more about her than she herself does. And it just gets more intriguing from there… Told from a very young age that she should “never, ever cry,” Eureka hasn’t shed a tear in years. But when her life is wrecked with unexpected tragedy, and as she slowly falls for the mysterious Ander, she’ll discover the devastating effects her tears Continue

SLEEPY HOLLOW, Season 2, Episode 6

In the last episode, Ichabod had to deal with the ex from Hell (or one of its adjacent circles) and confront the fact that his wife has straight-up lied to him on several fronts, so it makes sense that we open with Abbie and Ichabod getting hot and sweaty together: they’re doing yoga. She’s trying to help him to find some inner peace because he’s been anxious since his argument with Katrina. He says he’s fine, but Abbie encourages him to just talk about his feelings, and yoga gives way to an impromptu therapy session in which Ichabod reveals he’s disappointed and hurt and doesn’t know if he can fully trust Katrina anymore. They end up at a bar, because drinking a beer is much easier than standing on your head, when a fight breaks… Continue
accidental countess (2)

Talking PLAYFUL BRIDES with Valerie Bowman

As the latest in Valerie Bowman’s Playful Brides series, The Accidental Countess beautifully juxtaposes a mischievous ruse played during a house party with devastating emotional consequences. And the deepening romance between Cassandra Monroe and Captain Julian Swift is intensified by a lively supporting cast who practically bounce off the page.   R@R: Cassandra Monroe, your heroine, is reluctant to confide her true feelings to Julian. At the urging of her friend, she adopts the identity of the fictitious “Patience Bunbury,” and under that guise pushes herself to take emotional risks. What would you say are the major differences between Cass and “Patience”? VB: The plot idea is from Oscar Wilde’s fun play, The Importance of Being Earnest. All of my Playful Brides stories are based on famous romp plays! But you’re exactly right, as Continue


When I first started reading A Bollywood Affair, I groaned inwardly; The hero and heroine displayed two of my pet peeves: Mili manages to be completely beautiful and graceful, while at the same time self-effacing and so clumsy she can’t walk for two steps without ending up in the emergency room. That kind of heroine. The hero, Samir, is a womanizing Bollywood dude-bro with some seriously misogynistic views who is bored by all of the skanks around him until he sees our special snowflake of a heroine. That kind of hero. But as I read (and read and couldn’t put the book down), I was completely pulled into the story by Dev’s wonderfully detailed writing — it’s beautiful, really — and her skillful storytelling. Mili and Samir weren’t that kind of anything. They were… Continue
Madeline27s Christmas Wish_ebook

For the Love of Alphas

There are continuing debates in the romance world concerning alpha heroes vs. beta heroes. I say give me an alpha hero any time. Why? Because for me they are the easiest of the male species to understand. How can I make such a broad claim? Just under forty years ago at the ripe old age of not quite twenty-two, I was assigned to an Army Special Forces (Green Beret) battalion; the first woman they’d ever had, and the youngest soldier in the unit. Yup, it was me and two hundred and thirty-six alpha males. Even the support staff were alphas! They decided that it might be fun to teach me how to shoot an M-16 on the pop up range, rappel out of a helicopter, and send me to spy on another command in a… Continue


Tortured by want, Harcourt “Harry”de Vaux escaped to the continent to avoid his infatuation with his best friend Pip’s sister and to run from his scandalous parents. Now he’s back and Lady Elinor “Norrie” Tremaine is most definitely not the girl he got into scrapes with when they were young. No, now she’s sneaking off to the garden with rakes simply to discover if she’s thought to be sweet or saucy. Still, she’s as easy to be around as she ever was—at least when Harry isn’t fighting the green monster of jealousy. But Lord Penworth’s daughter is not for Harry. Norrie deserves someone not mired in scandal. So when the family invites him on a trip to Italy, Harry is resolutely against it. Indebted to Lord and Lady Penworth for treating him immeasurably better than… Continue

Cover Reveal: SEDUCTION by Violetta Rand

We’re so excited to reveal the cover for the second novel in Violetta Rand’s Devil’s Den series that takes place in a Texas strip club of the same name. You’re going to love this one…       Fans of Abbi Glines will adore Violetta Rand’s novels about strong-willed women who must fight to survive—and the men who love them. Seduction returns to the Devil’s Den, a Texas strip club where hearts can’t hide when the chemistry is right.
The night Marisela Gonzalez rides up to the Devil’s Den on her motorcycle, running from trouble and looking for her sister, she finds more than a place to hide out and work her red-hot body. She meets a guy brave enough to stand by a tough, terrified nineteen-year-old girl who’s been in the wrong place
I saw her standing there


If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the Green Mountain series by Marie Force you are definitely missing out. It’s one of the most charming and heartwarming small town romance series that I’ve read. I was giddy to dive in again with the Abbott family and all their quirky, but lovable members. Lincoln Abbott, the patriarch, and Elmer, the grandfather have been busy in the last two novels matchmaking and this time Colton, Lincoln’s son, was their target in I Saw Her Standing There. Colton Abbott is the mountain man of the siblings, running the maple sugaring operation pretty much on his own. He lives without running water and electricity staying close to the family’s original way of producing maple syrup. Colton’s used to a solitary life mostly just on his own… Continue

VEILED THREATS: book to movie adaptation process

Deborah Donnelly, author of the Wedding Planner Mystery/Carnegie Kincaid series, stopped by to tell us of her exciting news: her book VEILED THREATS is an original Hallmark Movie. Below is her list of the most surprising aspects of the movie adaptation process–it may surprise you too!    Five Most Surprising Aspects of the Movie Adaptation Process The original cover 1. Movie time, only in reverse. On the screen, we see our author type the words Chapter One, there’s a quick montage, and presto! She’s watching her movie. Behind the scenes, months go by—years can go by—between the first exciting movie query and the night the credits roll. Motion pictures get cooked up in slow motion. 2. Movie people can be surprisingly pleasant. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a warm get-acquainted phone call from… Continue

Cover Reveal: CRUSHED by Lauren Layne

Today we have the exciting opportunity to reveal the cover for the next book in Lauren Layne's New Adult Redemption series: Crushed. First we'll show you the cover (that steamy kiss!) but scroll down for more information about the book...

Books to Buy: New Releases October 27

The spookiest week of the fall brings us a new romantic suspense in The Apostles series; Shannyn Schroeder is back with guys who are hot and nerdy; Brenda Novak brings us back to Whiskey Creek; Valerie Bowman introduces more Playful Brides, and more!   The Buried (The Apostles #2) by Shelley Coriell Cypress Bend, Florida, is a small southern bayou town filled with long-buried secrets. It’s also the home of successful, fiercely independent state prosecutor Grace Courtemanche, who’s pulled into a world of terror and self-doubt when she receives a phone call from a young woman buried alive. In a race to stop a revenge-seeking killer, Grace unearths skeletons from her past along with feelings for the one man she swore she’d never need again, Theodore “Hatch” Hatcher, a rootless, smooth-talking FBI crisis negotiator who’s… Continue
granny series

Halloween Party Scene

It’s almost that time. Have you bought and consumed your first bags of Halloween candy yet? Uh-huh…thought so. Don’t worry. I’m in the same boat. I’m certain it’s all a big evil plot. Stores stock up on those treats extra early so that those of us with fond trick-or-treat memories will buy lots of our favorite candy: Buy. Eat. Repeat.   This year we’ll have trick-or-treaters, and I’m so excited. You see, for the past twenty years I’d lived on a farm in Virginia. No one was going to hike down those lonely dark country roads, even for the mac-daddy-sized chocolate bars. That would just be too darned scary! This year, I’m in a neighborhood filled with children in beautiful Winston-Salem. I’m so excited to see the princesses, super heroes, ghosts and goblins. I’ve already… Continue

For the Love of Cowboys: Best Westerns

  Welcome to fall! There are so many amazing western romances out and it truly is hard to get to them all. I have picked just a select few that I’d like to share with you. Slow Hand by Victoria Vane A sizzling beginning in her Hot Cowboy Nights series. A great story and even greater characters make this a must-read. I love how Nikki’s misconceptions about men get totally blown out of the water when she meets Wade. From the first, Wade is an honorable and good man on one end of the spectrum and a totally to die for lover on the other. He brings emotions out of Nikki she had no idea she had. These two are on fire, and it’s that fire that Nikki is afraid will burn out. Slow HandContinue

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, Season 1, Episode 5

Annalise and her team defends a cop’s son who shot his father in order to protect his battered mother. Annalise lectures that this kind of emotional case hinges on jury selection. Get the right jury, and they have a good chance. They need all the luck they can get especially once the DA manages to get the allegations of abuse thrown out of court. Laurel keeps a handy dandy chart listing which way she thinks a particular jury is leaning. I’m surprised that she didn’t have a PowerPoint flow chart, complete with statistical probability. But when it looks like they don’t have enough jurors on their side, despite Connor sexting one juror nick-named ‘The Lumberjack’ (Will there ever be a case that doesn’t involve Connor’s sex life?) and exposing his pro-police leanings, Laurel decides to… Continue

DIRTY ROWDY THING by Christina Lauren

There is a certain “dirtiness” to the male characters in a Christina Lauren book and I always look forward to seeing just which level of dirtiness the new male lead will have.  Let’s just say, I was definitely not disappointed in Finn Rogers and his expertise with rope.  Well…he is a fisherman after all. Dirty Rowdy Thing brings us the story of Finn Rogers and Harlow Vega.  They met in Vegas, were married for twelve hours, and now find themselves part of this dual trio of best friends.  Finn is the rugged outdoorsman who is often quiet and takes on a heavy burden for his family.  But there is just something about him and Harlow that has him letting go, being more himself.  And that version of Finn is a very dirty, very sexual man. … Continue

The Socially Awkward Hero

You can have all the dominant billionaires, ex-Navy Seals, and alpha werewolves. Let them out-posture each other in an arrogant fight for your love. I’m here to speak for the other kind of quiet hero: not the strong, silent type, but the shy, socially awkward type. The misunderstood genius, the stodgy aristocrat, the introverted businessman. The men who are so far from alpha that they’re all the way to zeta. In my armchair analysis, I’d say that one of the best characteristics of the awkward zeta hero is that, once he’s won, he is singularly focused on his heroine. Unlike the alpha hero, who sees the outside world as a threat to his relationship and stands aggressively in front of his heroine, the zeta hero barely notices the outside world at all. His thoughts and… Continue

THE BURIED by Shelley Coriell

Secrets from the past.
Voices from the grave.
Because nothing stays buried forever…
Cypress Bend, Florida, is a small southern bayou town filled with long-buried secrets. It’s also the home of successful, fiercely independent state prosecutor Grace Courtemanche, who’s pulled into a world of terror and self-doubt when she receives a phone call from a young woman buried alive. In a race to stop a revenge-seeking killer, Grace unearths skeletons from her past along with feelings for the one man she swore she’d never need again, Theodore “Hatch” Hatcher, a rootless, smooth-talking FBI crisis negotiator who’s back in Cypress Bend to deal with a secret of his own. Well, I have a new author and a new series I’m excited about. I loved this book; I need the first book, and I’ll be reading the… Continue
#HunkDay_Katie Rose_Feat

#HunkDay: Boys of Baseball

Katie Rose, author of the Boys of Summer series all about baseball hotties, has agreed to curate this week’s list of hunks. If you like what you see, you should check out Bring On The Heat and Too Hot To Handle for more baseball hero action.  Here’s what Katie has to say about the hunk day: With the World Series upon us, I decided to launch our own Dream Team. This, of course, has nothing to do with the game, and everything to do with the Hottest Hunks in baseball! When it comes to tall, dark, and dreamy, it’s pretty hard to top Cole Hamels. And if biceps are your thing, check out C.J. Wilson. And if washboard abs turn you on, maybe Hunter Pence is your man.
 So when the real game begins and … Continue

SONS OF ANARCHY, Season 7, Episode 7

If you have been keeping up with this season you know that things have been less than peaceful. The death toll alone will make your head spin. In this episode, titled “Greensleeves,” we find that survival of some characters will come at a high price. The ride may be ending for some, but for others it’s a clear open road. The episode opens with Jax giving Juice back his cut. Juice tells Jax he’s sorry. They are on the side of the road in the dessert, and shown in writing on the side of a mountain is JT and his date of Jax’s Father’s death. Gemma tells Wendy that the club has Juice. Wendy asks if Gemma thinks Juice told Jax that they helped him. Wendy says she’s not running anymore. Even though Gemma suggests… Continue

Chatting with Jack and Jasinda Wilder About Love, Books, and Beta

Jasinda Wilder brought sexy back for women of a certain size in her bestselling Big Girls Do It series. She cracked open our hearts with the emotional, poignant, and gut wrenching love story in Falling Into You. She gave us a good girl with a big problem, a hot movie to help, in Stripped. And she made us all feel the heat--the searing, lusty, jump-your-man, sexual kind--in Alpha. Her newest book, Beta, is a sequel that promises to take us on a hot, sexy, thrilling mystery ride with one of our favorite dominant males, Valentine Roth.

SLEEPY HOLLOW, Season 2, Episode 5

In the last few episodes, Abbie and Ichabod have had to deal with a Franklinstein’s monster (still funny, guys) and a Pied Piper, as well as a nasty inner demon transmitted via coin. Tonight’s episode dips into folkloric monsters again, and brings a blast from Ichabod’s past.