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Best of the West!

We are thrilled to have Kimberly Rocha of the fabulous Book Obsessed Chicks here today to discuss one of her favorite romance genres – Westerns! Every month she stops by to make sure you don’t miss her old and new favs set in the wild, wild, West. Kimberly is one of the most well-read, knowledgeable bloggers in all of romance. You can take her recommendations to heart!

Multicultural Must-Reads

For the TBR: Alyssa Cole is here with her latest must-reads in multicultural romance.
All I Need Is You_Marcus

Cover Reveal: ALL I NEED IS YOU by Wendy S. Marcus

I’m so excited to reveal the cover of Wendy S. Marcus’ newest book: ALL I NEED IS YOU, coming out in October! Take a look!     Perfect for fans of Kristan Higgins and Robyn Carr, this sexy yet sweet military romance reunites a headstrong dancer and a rugged army soldier after one steamy encounter tears them apart. As a dancer who creates mesmerizing visions onstage, Neve James is looking for the same kind of stability in her love life. Her pen pal, Rory McRoy, is on leave from deployment in Afghanistan, so she heads to Boston to surprise him. After corresponding for months as part of a “Support Our Troops” initiative—and exchanging dozens of “Read When You’re Alone” letters—Neve knows what Rory likes, and she intends to fulfill his every fantasy. But all they… Continue

THE PERFECT LETTER by Chris Harrison

We all know Chris Harrison as the congenial host of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise for the past fifteen or so years. Now he has published his first novel, a romance entitled THE PERFECT LETTER.
Silver fox 3

#HunkDay: Silver Foxes

Who said grey hair isn't attractive? Because they're wrong! This week, we're celebrating some foxy men with seriously majestic hair.

YOUNGER: Season 1, Episode 9

While Liza is tucked away reading Tolstoy, or as she puts it, “Real Housewives of St. Petersburg with dense Russian prose,” before 9 a.m., little does she know that she’s stumbled upon Charles’ secret breakfast spot, and they have another moment that adds to their list of things in common. One thing in his favor? Charles does seem to recognize Liza’s intelligence and ability, especially when she confides that she’s really good at keeping a secret...

Excerpt: AGAINST THE TIDE (Brodies of Alaska #3) by Kat Martin

Liv Chandler is running for her life, and the cops haven’t been able to do a thing to help. But there’s one man who makes her feel safe, no matter what…rugged charter boat captain Rafe Brodie. To Rafe, Liv is a beautiful mystery, one he can’t ignore. He means to unearth her secrets, and in the process, if luck is on his side, maybe the spark between them will ignite. But Liv’s past is more dangerous than Rafe could guess, and when his first mate turns up dead, she fears that she’s next. That there’s something else coming she can’t see. That even Rafe and the remote village of Valdez, Alaska can’t protect her forever…
Salvation600x900 (2)

10 Things You Didn’t Know About: Robin Covington

Robin Covington loves to explore the theme of fooling around and falling in love in her bestselling books. When she’s not writing sexy, sizzling romance she’s collecting tasty man candy pics, indulging in a little comic book geek love, and obsessing over Dean Winchester. Don't send chocolate . . . send eye candy! Today, she answers our fav 10 questions to reveal a few things we didn't know about her...

MAD MEN, Series Finale

With countless predictions and crazy theories surfacing about the finale, “Person to Person” surprisingly delivers a perfectly-paced, deeply layered, peaceful closure to a series focused on the characters.

RE JANE: by Patricia Park

"Jane Eyre is one of my favorite novels so I was intrigued when I heard that Patricia Park had written a modern adaptation of the classic novel. How would Park deal with some of the more troubling aspects of the novel, namely Rochester’s concealment of his marriage to the mad woman in the attic? Luckily RE JANE is not a paint-by-numbers adaptation. It is a wholly new, original story that stands firmly on its own. In many ways, it actually transcends the original source material."

THE ROYALS : Season 1 Finale

"In this action-packed season finale, truths are revealed and even more questions arise to allow you to simmer in anticipation for season two."

ORPHAN BLACK: Season 3, Episode 5

"Finally, the sestras have reunited – but it’s not cozy. The Castors and Mother Virginia has gotten to our feisty assassin that she didn't feel the warm and fuzzies upon seeing her twin, Sarah. Oh Helena, if only you knew the lengths Sarah went through to get to you! I mean it's not the most ideal situation but at least you guys are back together... sort of."

Books to Buy: New Releases Week of May 19

Wondering what to add to your TBR? This week we have new releases from Darynda Jones, Stacey Kennedy, Cecy Robson, Amber Hart, Lora Leigh, Nancy Naigle, Regina Hart, Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza, and Mary Alice Monroe. Enjoy!

Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last

"I was never really into the bad-boy. I’ve always preferred the nice guy. The one I could bring home to meet my parents. The one who is mature and stable and sweet and puts me first. That’s the kind of man I not only found for myself more than thirteen years ago, but he’s also the kind of guy I want to read about when I pick up a nice romance..."

SCANDAL: Season 4 Finale

Somehow, in the midst of RT madness, our Scandal had the time to watch this season finale. Can you say rock star blogger? Enjoy...

ONCE PURE (Shattered Past #3) by Cecy Robson

"As a fan of Cecy Robson’s Weird Girls series, I was excited to sample something different from her and also read my first fighter romance novel. Sure, I like my vampires and shifters a tad violent, but this was a complete turnaround for me. I like to live on the wild side and I dove right in to the romantic arena..."
Breakfast in bed 5

#HunkDay: Breakfast in Bed

Happy #HunkDay! Sometimes, it's hard to get out of bed—all you want to do is press the snooze button one more time. But one thing guaranteed to wake you up on the right side of the bed is a hunky guy bringing you breakfast in bed! After all, it's the most important meal of the day...feast your eyes and enjoy!

Character Interview: Vivia Grant of FAKING IT

Vivia Grant, heroine of Laura Marie Brown's FAKING IT, answers a few questions for us today. A little background: Vivia has her dream job and is about to marry her dream man. Does it really matter that she’s led him to believe she’s a virgin? After all, being in love makes every experience feel like the first time anyway! But an unexpected encounter with an ex-lover is about to expose her embarrassing lie.

WITCHES BE BURNED by Stacey Kennedy

"The danger feels real and the twists will catch you off guard. WITCHES BE BURNED has gory battle scenes and extremely sexy sex scenes."

YOUNGER: Season 1, Episode 8

"As hard as she’s trying, Liza’s age actually gives her a wealth of experience and insight, and the right people appreciate that. And we see hints of a storm on the horizon, as a love triangle might be brewing..."

Favorite Second Chance Romances

Two of my favorite tropes in romance are friends-to-lovers and second chances. I can't tell you why that is, other than it just tugs my heartstrings. The idea that two people know each other so well, and that one might be pining for the other, or that circumstances separated them and now they have the opportunity to reconcile just…gets me. Every time.

THE UNLIKELY LADY by Valerie Bowman

"Feminist heroines in historical romance are an interesting paradox. On the one hand, given how restricted women in Regency England were, it’s hard not to wonder how realistic a character that defies societal expectation really is. Would a woman of the period have even thought to forego marriage or sneak out unchaperoned or be with a man before marriage? On the other hand, it’s really nice to see strong female characters that can hold their own, and romances with two partners who feel like equals."

RT Convention: Top 5 Tips for Readers

Kimberly Rocha has attended more romance conventions and conferences than most of us know exist. She's here to share her top tips for conferences-goers, and whether your're a veteran or a newbie, this list is a must-read.

GAME OF THRONES: Season 5, Episode 5

"With the episode titled “Kill the Boy” I was anticipating death this episode. While there was some great action and yes, one death, it thankfully wasn’t one of the main characters."

MAD MEN: Season 7, Episode 13

It's the second-to-last episode of the series, and Betty Draper Francis and Sneaky Pete Campbell are faced with major life-altering revelations, while Don continues on his Kerouacian journey across America.

WOLF HALL: Episode 6

"This whole episode appears to be about people getting revenge on those they feel have slighted them."