A Bouquet of (Trashed) Roses

This story comes from Gwen H. 

I have two stories. It was our second Valentine’s Day and my darling husband gave a wheelbarrow, granted we were building our house at the time, it wasn’t what I expected, but he said he picked out the blue one because it matched my eyes.  We still have and use the wheelbarrow, but it’s not blue anymore.

My husband is not a flower person, one year he came home with a dozen red, long stemmed roses.  I was so surprised.  After I put the flowers in water, I looked at the box and it was from a florist on the other side of town.  I asked him about and he confessed one of his female co-workers had gotten the roses from her boyfriend and she had thrown then in the trash and my husband asked is she minded if he took them.  Oh well, at least the thought was there :)  We had our 25th anniversary this past September.

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