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Witches of East End

This week kicks off with sexy EMT Tommy and Wendy having a lovely picnic of beer and brats. Sadly, the universe seems to be conspiring against these two love birds. Just as their picnic gets going, a creepy rat scurries on the scene and climbs onto Tommy’s shoulder. Wendy grabs it and throws it aside but not before realizing the rat is more than just a rat. Creepy rat scurries back to the basement torture chamber holding Victor and into the arms of her co-conspirator. If the way creepy captor guy’s tongue works over rat girl, Isis, they are more than just friends…so much more. I’ll get to that in a second.

Ingrid and Dash are yet again discussing how guilty Ingrid feels for not helping him with his powers sooner while Dash subtly suggests, they have each other now. (Observation: we need to watch these two, I’m feeling a bond a ‘brewin.’) Later on, Dash and Killian discuss where Killian has been and how he ended up with Eva. Killian doesn’t suspect Dash was involved in his near death experience but he is a little peeved to learn Freya didn’t tell him about her powers when she found him in Santo Domingo. While Dash and Killian are catching up, Penelope’s attorney arrives with what appears to be her last will and testament, a puzzle. The puzzle can only be solved if the two brothers work together, which they do and end up uncovering their family’s grimoire.

Isis and captive guy, Ivar, find Frederick in the bar. Seems they are friends from way back but Isis and Ivar are trouble with a capital “T” and were eventually banished from Asgard. They consider their time here to be hell on Earth and have been tracking portals in an effort to find a key to get home. It is implied (and by implied I mean Ivar’s tongue down Isis’ throat) that Isis and Ivar are lovers and apparently Frederick and Isis were lovers back in the day. The kicker is, wait for it, Isis explains to a thoroughly disgusted Freya that Isis and Ivar are brother and sister…twins…twin-cest. Gross. While Freya is caught off guard by Isis’ mind boggling revelation, Isis is able to spell Freya to the torture basement where Victor is being held. Ivar explains to Frederick that a big chunk of his family will die if he doesn’t produce the portal key tout de suite.

Tommy and Wendy are at the bar playing darts. Wendy ends up accidentally launching a dart into Tommy’s back and has to covertly heal him before he realizes the damage she’s done. He decides to take Wendy home but their car gets a flat along the way. After Tommy is almost hit by a car — a car that Wendy magically makes swerve out of the way, Wendy suggests that maybe the universe is trying to tell them something. If you’re keeping track, that’s three terrible things that have happened to Tommy…rat girl, dart in the back and distracted driver. Tommy isn’t letting Wendy off the hook that easily. He tells her the story of how he died on the battlefield in Fallujah. The soldier that saved him, ended up dying in Tommy’s arms. Tommy isn’t sure why he was spared death that day but he plans on living life to the fullest and Wendy makes him feel alive. Needless to say, Wendy yanks him in for a little deep kissing action and they decide to take the party home to finish what they’ve started. Once there, Wendy traipses off to the kitchen for drinks and returns to resume the kissing. Tommy tastes peanuts on her kiss and you guessed it, near death experience number four for sexy EMT Tommy. Thank goodness for Epi Pens. Wendy tries to end it again but in for a penny, in for a pound, Tommy is not letting Wendy walk away from what they have. He tells the universe to bring it on, he wants to keep feeling alive with Wendy. (Oh Tommy, I admire your spunk, mister…you’re good for Wendy.)

While reading through the grimoire, Killian and Dash discover a spell they think will protect them from harm. The spell involves blood magic, about which Eva has warned Killian. (Side note: Eva is oddly missing from this episode.) The spell works for Dash but ends up making Killian very sick. Dash calls Ingrid for help and she heads out to the rescue. Along the way she is spelled by Avatar guy in need of a forest feeding session which she obliges. Ingrid wakes from the Avatar sexual feeding frenzy alone and bleeding in the forest but gets it together to rush to Dash’s side to help a downward spiraling Killian. She explains that the spell they cast strengthens one while killing the other – seems Killian got the raw end of that deal! Ingrid instructs them on the finer points of spell reversal and all is right in the world.

After trying unsuccessfully to rescue Victor and Freya on his own, Frederick goes to Joanna to tell her about their capture and captors. Joanna is pissed that Frederick waited so long to fill her in. She rushes to the torture basement and finds Isis casting a spell that could kill them all. The chair Freya is bound to is the trigger. While this transpires, Frederick lures Ivar to the library with the promise of the portal and key. Frederick kills Ivar and back in the torture basement, Isis scurries off like the rat she is. A badly beaten — and most likely mortally injured — Victor begs Joanna to cast a spell switching Victor with Freya. Like a good dad, Victor is going the ultimate sacrifice route for his family. After some tearful and loving good byes, Joanna and Freya run from the basement minutes before it explodes, killing Victor.

Dash and Killian decide to put the Grimoire aside until Ingrid is able to teach them enough to be more comfortable with their powers. Killian heads out to yell at Freya for not telling him about her powers but is unable to when he finds her crying and mourning the loss of her father. They embrace and Killian enjoys consoling Freya more than he realized he would. Back at the castle, Dash notices Ingrid is bleeding and offers to help. She explains that she’s losing time and doesn’t know how she was injured. Dash pledges to help her and tells her he’d do anything for her. I’m telling you, between the twin-cest and the Killian/Freya and Dash/Ingrid relationship teases, this episode should’ve been called Sister Swap instead of The Brother’s Grimoire!

The show ends with Avatar-looking guy attacking a man on the street and forcing all of the tentacles on him…everywhere. I’m thinking Avatar is beginning to require more sustenance than Ingrid can give him, which can only mean trouble for the citizens of Fair Haven.


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