4 seasons of the year, which do you like best? + GIVEAWAY!!

4 seasons of the year, which do you like best? + GIVEAWAY!!

Where I live it is cold outside, which is appropriate for the Holidays – and honestly, I would NOT have it any other way for Christmas . .. . I love having a warm fire, hot cocoa, reading a book or watching a movie with family — for this time of year it is perfect!!

Then, right around January 10th, I’m thinking a trip to a warmer climate might be nice . . . sunshine, warm weather to bike ride in . . .sight see, or of course, read a book by the pool –

Time goes by of course, and I’m still at home, shoveling out the driveway and thinking, ‘well, if it would just stop snowing . . . .I could deal with Spring and new flowers, the smell of rain and new plants and grass.’

But, before you know it — Spring has come & gone . . .along with Summer, the leaves now are turning brown and the chill is prevalent in the air, yep, Fall is here . . .

Seriously – when I think about it I love all of the seasons, don’t you? But, if I had – had to choose a favorite – it would be Winter, LOL!

I figure, I can read a book any day of the year, no matter the weather & that is what makes me most happy.

So, comment below – what is your favorite season of the year? Remember 5 winners are chosen weekly for a Random FREE book – winners announced on Sunday – good luck!

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