5 Reasons Ken is the Perfect Boyfriend

5 Reasons Ken is the Perfect Boyfriend
Wednesday is National Ken Doll Day, so I thought, what better day to celebrate the world’s perfect boyfriend, Ken Carson (that’s Ken’s full name, in case you didn’t already know)? Here are the top five reasons why Ken is the perfect boyfriend:


1. He’s versatile. Ken is never stuck in a rut. He’s been a cowboy, a Harley Davidson rider, a military man, a doctor…the list goes on and on. It seems he’s got the best of all the worlds. With Ken as your boyfriend you can be sure things will never be boring.


Ken_Versatile Jobs


2.He knows how to have fun. Ken is constantly trying new activites. He’s sporty, he’s musical, he’s artistic. What this means for you is that he will always have a good date idea up his sleeve. And judging by the sheer amount of Ken dolls that come wearing swim gear, he loves going to the beach—always a plus.




3.You get to decide if he rocks a beard or not. Do you love a little scruff? Prefer your guy clean-shaven? With Ken you don’t have to gently hint one way or another to your man, because the “Shaving Fun” Ken lets you decide. It’s as easy as washing his face with warm water.


Ken_Choose His Facial Hair


4. He cleans up nicely. Ken may be the master of the beach and roller skating, but he also looks studly in a suit and won’t hesitate to dress up for a special date. And his suits are shiny. What more could a girl want?




5.He’s a family man. Ken loves his little brother, Tommy, which is a good sign that he’ll love being a father. Even if your ideal man doesn’t want kids, the fact that he hangs out with his brother means he’s caring and considerate. All around win.

Ken_Family Man

All Photos Courtesy of http://www.manbehindthedoll.com/

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