5 Ways to Surprise Your Man!

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When people say they don’t like surprises, it usually means they don’t like being embarrassed in front of a group. One-on-one surprises, however, especially from a lover, are not only appreciated but often just the thing needed to reignite the spark. Whether your man is a fan of spontaneity or someone who likes to be in control, these gestures will make his day (or night).


1. Answer the Door in Something Not Suitable for Work: It could be last year’s Halloween costume (unless you dressed up as Big Bird), a silk negligée, or an old dress that still fits but it’s a little on the short side. Whatever is it, let it be something you feel sexy in—as opposed to something you’re “supposed” to feel sexy in. You feeling confident and desirable, along with the element of surprise, will make this work. If he has a key, use the deadbolt. This way he must knock, and you are free to answer the door dressed way down with libations in hand.


2. Write him a Note: Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that mean the most. A short note in his jacket pocket or a long letter in his briefcase—recalling the past highlights and future anticipations of your love—will be a sweet escape from the stress of the work day. Use a business trip or girls’ getaway weekend as an excuse to mail the missive. Even a postcard will do: “If you’re reading this, I’m thinking of you…”


3. End Date Night with a Stay-cation:  Secretly book a night in the swanky hotel in town and take him there after your date night dinner. Slip into (or out of) a hotel robe and spend the whole night free from the regular distractions of home. The unexpected luxury of a hotel bed is sure to set the stage for a memorable evening.


4. Do Something You’re Normally Not Up for: Announce out of the blue that you’re willing to go skeet shooting or attend a monster truck show. This doesn’t mean you’re signing up to do it forever. You’re simply showing interest in something he loves for a day. You’ll either laugh at the ridiculousness of it all or figure out why he enjoys it so much.


5. Buy New Lingerie…For No Reason At All: Other than to treat your man, of course! Obviously your old standby black lace bra and panties (or whatever your lingerie LBD is) are great, but a new frilly set will make you feel super sexy. And your man will love the change. He’ll probably love it so much you won’t be wearing the new bra and panties for very long.

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