50 Shades of Greyskull . . . new post by the Book MatchMaker

50 Shades of Greyskull . . . new post by the Book MatchMaker
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fifty shades of greyAs summer heats up and titles like 50 Shades of Grey and Bared to You by Sylvia Day only add to the scorching temps, Even Josh Groban is getting in on the act when he recently posted on Twitter a version of 50 Shades he’d “want to read.”

While I’m of the generation of He-Man and She-Ra, I don’t believe this is a version I’d be very excited to read, sorry Josh…

I’ve always been a Sylvia Day fan and my mom can’t stop talking about 50 Shades, so I promised my mom that I would eventually cave and read 50 Shades of Grey with the caveat that she would read Bared to You. I believe one is a good exchange for another, yes?

In the meantime here are some of my go-to authors for adding some heat to the already scorching temperatures…Hello…I think the mercury is broken on my thermometer. 103 degrees? Seriously? This girl lives in the North for a reason; apparently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo!

Megan Hart – Anyone who has read my previous blogs (or knows me personally) knows that I’ve never been a fan of books written in first person, especially when it’s categorized as a romance. But Megan Hart made me a believer. Without reading Dirty or Broken, I would never have even attempted to read another first person story again. Amazing writer, story teller, and author. While I haven’t tried her Order of Solace books, I have them all on my TBR. I have a feeling I’ll breeze right through them!

Beth Kery – Though I didn’t start reading Beth Kery faithfully until more recently, I was absolutely captivated by her book Release, the best of erotic romance and suspense tied into one. Take one part old school Linda Howard (think The Cutting Edge) suspense and mix it with a Lora Leigh like steam factor.

Emma Holly
– Even though I discovered Emma Holly through her many appearances in anthologies such as Hot Spell, Fantasy and Three to Tango, I fell in love with her contemporaries. Fun, flirty and ultimate fantasies. Cooking Up a Storm, Ménage, Top of Her Game, In the Flesh, and Velvet Glove. Think about if your favorite Chick Lit author wrote erotic romance instead and you’ve got these Emma Holly contemporary titles.

Shayla Black – I became a fan of Shayla Black when she release the first book in the Wicked Lovers series Decadent, I fell in love with the character Luc and had to wait three years before he got his own book with Delicious. I have Hot in Handcuffs waiting on my TBR, but it’s on hold until I finish writing this blog – stellar line up; Shayla Black, Sylvia Day and Shiloh Walker! Shayla Black is a mix of Maya Banks and Lori Foster.

And if Historicals are more your style and would like to take a walk on the erotic side:

Robin Schone – One title: The Lady’s Tutor. To me this will always be the beginnings of erotic romance and has withstood the test of time. Hot, hot, hot….this book will seduce you…trust me!

Thea Devine – I found Thea Devine through the anthologies Captivated and Fascinated, which were featured with the best in historical erotic romance authors of the time, Robin Schone, Bertrice Small and Susan Johnson.

Kate Pearce – Granted I will forever pay tribute to Thea Devine and Robin Schone, Kate Pearce is my absolute favorite historical author writing erotic romance today. Hands down. Her House of Pleasure series captured me from the first book Simply Sexual and has held my interest (and a lot of anticipation) to see how she’ll end the series with the ninth and final book, Simply Scandalous, due out January of 2013. Though I’ll be sad to see the series end, I can’t wait to see what else Kate Pearce has in store for readers with where she goes next. I’m there for the wild ride, no matter what!

While this doesn’t nearly cover what’s out there after 50 Shades and Bared to You, it should keep you busy until EL James’ next venture or Sylvia Day’s HIGHLY anticipated second book in the Crossfire series newly titled Reflected in You due out this Fall.

What books have you found since 50 Shades of Grey? What authors would you recommend to someone who just finished Bared to You? Tell us about your favorite go-to authors for erotic romance!

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