Addicted (Ethan Frost #2) By Tracy Wolff

Addicted (Ethan Frost #2) By Tracy Wolff

Thank goodness part two is here because the cliffhanger at the end of Ruined just about did me in! Holy sucker punch to the gut Batman that cliffy was ugly. Addicted picks right up where Ruined left off. Not a single second of agony is glossed over. Chloe’s visceral reaction to the Brandon bombshell is palpable. Witnessing her discovery was literally painful; watching her process this revelation broke my cold cynical heart. For Chloe and Ethan, the unimaginable happens; worlds collide and the fall-out is complete and utter devastation. It’s painfully obvious how deeply Chloe and Ethan love each other but when the woman you love sees the man she fears when she looks into your eyes…well, that’s kinda hard to bounce back from, even for the mighty Ethan Frost.

Chloe has spent years dealing with her past the best way she can: avoidance. She prefers to think of it as not dwelling on the past, moving forward, not looking back and she’s knows it’s not the healthiest way to process rape but honestly, who are we to judge how a woman copes with such a life altering event. Unfortunately Chloe’s avoidance method hits a huge bump in the road when she falls in love with Ethan. Ethan is overwhelming, in the best sense of the word and it’s very easy to understand how these two personalities become completely enthralled and addicted to each other. Having said that, Ethan hides a world of baggage behind his beautiful eyes. These two are a match made in therapy heaven! Ethan needs to not just acknowledge his troubles, he needs to confront them and share them with the one woman he loves more than life itself.  He’s a smart man; you know he’ll get there…eventually. He’s also a man, so you know he’s going to mess up royally during this journey to self awareness. Yes, his screw ups are done for all the right reasons but they are screw ups nonetheless.  Addicted gives us a hefty dose of what I like to call, Alpha Grovel. Man oh man, I love it when an alpha man grovels. Make no mistake, groveling is a foreign concept to Ethan but he masters it beautifully. When Ethan truly shows Chloe his vulnerable side, she is helpless to surrender to their love completely. Any hesitation she may have harbored, any doubt that may have lingered is blown to bits by the perfection of Ethan’s heartfelt, soul bearing Alpha Grovel.

Now, let’s move to the sex. I haven’t even touched on the sex part of this book yet. The sex scenes in Addicted are seriously like a drug. You feel it. You want it. You will clench your thighs, fan your face and seek out your partner. It’s that good. Ethan is a passionate man, incapable of doing anything half-assed. It should come as no surprise that Ethan sex, from sweet tender lovemaking to hard, urgent, against the wall banging is done with a level of passion beyond reproach. Chloe even comments on how he coaxed her timid, fear of being touched persona into a raging sex addict. I get it Chloe, oh, I get it and lucky you getting it in the rain, up against a wall as thoroughly as you get it! Well done Ethan, well done. While plentiful, the sex scenes in Addicted are not gratuitous. The scenes are pivotal to the relationship and trust building going on between Chloe and Ethan.

I would be remiss if I neglected to point out the secondary characters of this book. Honestly, I’d love to see more from some of them. Chloe’s best friend Tori is a deep ocean of secrets. She’s troubled and sad. It’s the kind of sad that runs so deep, you know there’s a heartbreaking story in there. Chloe’s brother Miles is also troublesome to me. I think Chloe sees him through rose colored glasses for far too long. Miles’ weakness is a liability and I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him. I’m very intrigued by these two characters, I think there’s more there and I’d love to read it.

Addicted is a deeply emotional, gut wrenching story about love, loss, pain and ultimately trust. Trust in yourself and trust in your lover, those are two elements that are tantamount to a strong relationship. With the baggage and seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against Chloe and Ethan, trust is the key.

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ADDICTED (Ethan Frost #2) by Tracy Wolff/Loveswept/July 15

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