An honest review from Shari @DelightedReader

An honest review from Shari @DelightedReader
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Thanks Shari for this honest review! HOW TO MISBEHAVE launches the Camelot series & is on sale today! Check back for more about ALONG CAME TROUBLE (3/11) and FLIRTING WITH DISASTER (6/10)

How to Misbehave by Ruthie Knox
Genre: Contemporary (1999) Romance
Series: Camelot, book #1

Sometimes I wish I could peek into Ruthie’s mind to see all the ideas she has for novels! Oh, the fun I would have just reading her mind I think!

How to Misbehave is a short romance novel that is a prequel to Along Came Trouble, a full length novel, in the Camelot series about three siblings. You do not have to have read this book before Along Came Trouble, but why wouldn’t you? It is a delightful book full of heat that will melt you in the dark on a rainy day!

The year is 1999 and Amber Clark is done being the good girl. She doesn’t want to be the town slut, but she wants to live life and stop being afraid of what she hasn’t done. She works at the Camelot Community Center as a program director, but with funding up, they are adding on. Each night she stays late waiting for the construction workers to leave, but she only has eyes for one of them. When tornado warning forces her and the hunk to the basement, she decides its time for him to teach her how to misbehave.

Contractor Tony Mazzara isn’t looking for love or even anything close to it. When he escapes to the basement with Amber, he doesn’t realize what she is up to at first. When the power goes out, the basement darkens. Tony has a fear of the dark. To calm him down, Amber talks to him, enticing him, but also calming him down.

The two dance around each other in a sultry dance of words. Both attracted to each other, but unsure what to do. Tony has a past he is still not forgiving himself for and Amber wants to stop just existing in life, but instead to start living it to the fullest. The words enthralled me as the two wand me into a ball of putty.

The underlying difficulty is can Tony forgive himself and not continue to avoid the future because of its unpredictability.

While it is a short story, Ruthie packs such a punch with the short amount of time she has. Nothing is wasted, only pushed into your heart. I wanted more. Yes, more, Ruthie. Give me more!

Rating: A-
Reviewed by Shari
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