We didn’t want to play any mean cyber jokes on y’all today, but we did want to do something for April Fool’s Day. The compromise? A #HunkDay special bulletin bringing you the hottest jokesters in Hollywood. Some of them are famous for their pranks, but for others (cough, George Clooney, cough) it’s a secret talent.

Who’s your favorite Hollywood prankster? 


1. Johnny Knoxville. Though he’s quieted down a little as he’s gotten older, Johnny was one of the original MTV badboys with his show, Jacka**, where he played pranks on his friends (and himself!).

Photo courtesy of bloody-disgusting.com

2. Paul Rudd. More of a sly prankster than Johnny Knoxville and his crew, Rudd has built his career on hilarious movies. But one of his best pranks is the prank he plays on Conan every time he visits. Check out the video below.

Photo courtesy of jeweell.com

3. Jimmy Fallon. SNL, a late night show, he’s performed in all of the classic comedy venues and killed it in each of them.

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

4.Ashton Kutcher. If you didn’t love him as Kelso on That 70’s Show (and how could you not?!), then you probably loved him as the hilarious prankster on Punk’d or as a playful guy in his romantic comedies.


Photo courtesy of markabrams.com

5.George Clooney. Can this man do everything?! Here’s one of his lesser known pranks: Clooney found a dingy painting worth practically nothing sitting in a trash pile, so he picked it up, dusted it off and took it home where he signed his name on the bottom as if he painted it. He then presented it to actor and friend Richard Kind as a present and Kind left the ugly masterpiece on his wall for two years before Clooney finally sprung the truth on him. Hilarious!

Photo courtesy of NBC news

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