Author’s share their Holiday Memories #romantic!!

Author’s share their Holiday Memories #romantic!!

megan framptonThe holiday’s come & go, almost too swiftly IMO — do you ever take the time to reminisce? Think about some of the fun, and not so fun moments of the season and seasons past? We’ve asked some of you to share in the holiday fun . . . let’s reminisce!

My mistletoe wow was one of the first years my now husband and I were dating. I had no intention of getting a Christmas tree–too poor, no idea where to go, and no way to get it home anyway–and he snuck into my apartment with a tree and decorated it with pink ribbons, fake pearls, and a pair of pink underwear. Mine, of course. I was floored at his thoughtfulness, not to mention his decorating ingenuity.
–Megan Frampton, Hero of My Heart, April 2013.

Emily March shares her mistletoe woes!

I have a Christmas tree that reminds me of a cartoon…and it’s not Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

The thought was good. We decided to buy a living tree that we could plant at our new lake house to mark our first Christmas owning our dream-come-true.

emily marchThe reality…is embarrassing. I’m pretty sure our tree danced to “Be Our Guest” in Beauty and the Beast.

I expect the poor thing to break out in song any minute.

Emily March, New York Times bestselling author of MISTLETOE MINE

What are some of your memories – Happy Holidays!
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