Behind the Scenes with Sue Grimshaw: Winter is My Wonderland

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Hi everyone!

I’m hoping your winter has been as fabulous as mine.
Buzzing around on social media as often as I do I realized many people are not winter enthusiasts. Guaranteed we’ve had way more snow than previous years and the temperatures have been colder than cold — I’ll even go as far as to confess below zero is not my favorite degree either.


But, you have to admit, the white glistening snow, untouched and dancing on the trees is a sight to behold.

My husband and I take a ski vacation to Colorado every year to enjoy the sport and the scenery. Riding a chairlift or gondola above the trees gives you an inner peace, a tranquility that is similar to no other. Seriously.

chairlift_650pxMany of our friends are sand-dwellers who must vacation at the beach — I’m not saying that the sand and ocean are not beautiful, because they are, but what you are missing on the crowded beach is the quiet that I enjoy. When you’re on top of a mountain, with rarely a skier in site — no sounds of the ocean and the crashing waves, in fact, there is really little sound at all except for the rush of the wind — beautiful!


Yep, just call me the resident snowbunny — I love the crisp air and I love to read about it too which is why I acquired Tracy Wolff’s Extreme Novels for Flirt – these hunky snowboarders live in a world of their own, doing fabulous tricks with twists and flips that only I can dream of. SHREDDED is on sale now and features Z, a real snowdevil on the slopes and off, and only Ophelia can rein him in. SHATTERED is the sequel on sale in May featuring Ash and his brother Logan – after a tragic ending in SHREDDED the two are on their own and Tansy is the gal that makes things right. Tracy has a knack for writing hot heroes with heart and heroines that you want to root for.

But, what I love most is that Tracy also knows boarding — riding rails and Mctwists, 360’s and 480’s and all the other boarding jumps we learned at the Sochi Olympics. The books are great fun and the sex is steamy — AND, the imagery is fab!

Ok, have I convinced you to have a little bit more love in your heart for the snow?

Happy Romance!!

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