Celebrate – 12 Days of Christmas & FREE BOOKS

Celebrate – 12 Days of Christmas & FREE BOOKS

Molly O'Keefe, Ruthie Knox, Stefanie Sloane It’s all about the Mistletoe . . . .

Ruthie’s Mistletoe Fantasies Through the Years:
1987 (age 10): Mistletoe? Forget about the mistletoe. Where are my presents?
1990 (age 13): Daniel Day Lewis, dressed in his Leatherstocking outfit, sweeping me into his arms for a violent kiss.
1993 (age 16): I just want somebody to kiss me. Anybody. I’m not choosy. Hey! You over there!
1999 (age 22): Seriously. Anyone. Bueller?
2005 (age 28): Yay, husband! Yay, marriage! *frisky smooching sounds*
2012 (age 35): Mistletoe? Forget about the mistletoe! Just wrap Kidlet’s presents and give me an hour to write. ~ Ruthie Knox, Bestselling Author of About Last Night

“Ah! Mistletoe fantasies are my favorites. The best part of Christmas is Christmas Eve. The presents are wrapped, the tree is twinkling. My husband and I are eating Santa’s cookies and Rudolph’s carrots. The Milk has been traded for eggnog – calorie free, of course. This is a fantasy, after all. We have the fireplace channel roaring on the television, and the children are finally fast asleep. And then, as we kiss under the mistletoe my husband leans in and whispers the most romantic thing a husband can say; “go to sleep, honey. I’ll clean up.” ~ Molly O’Keefe Bestselling Author of Crazy Thing Called Love

“I have a confession: I’ve never been kissed under the mistletoe. My husband and I have been together since college. As you know, students don’t need a plant to tell them where to kiss. And once we married? Newborns made kissing pale in comparison to sleep. Demanding jobs took hold like no passionate embrace ever could. And quickies replaced longies. But now, the kids are older, our jobs more manageable, and mistletoe is on my mind. This Christmas, I’m buying a boatload of the prickly plant. And there will be kissing! Under, over, next to, behind, in front of… “ ~ Stefanie Sloane, Bestselling Author of The Scoundrel Takes a Bride

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Find out more about prizes & fun beginning with:

Nov. 5 – Molly O’Keefe (All I Want for Christmas Is You, in the anthology Naughty and Nice, out Nov. 5)

The Second Day

Nov. 6 – Robyn Carr (My Kind of Christmas: A Virgin River Novel, out Oct. 23)

The Third Day

Nov. 7 – Leah Braemel (Red Hot Holiday Anthology, out Dec. 3)

The Fourth Day

Nov. 8 – Cari Quinn

The Fifth Day

Nov. 9 – K A Mitchell (Red Hot Holiday Anthology, out Dec. 3)

The Sixth Day

Nov. 12 – Ruthie Knox (Room at the Inn in the anthology Naughty and Nice, out Nov. 5)

The Seventh Day

Nov. 13 – Jaci Burton (The Best Thing in the anthology Romancing the Holiday, out Dec. 3)

The Eighth Day

Nov. 14 – Anne Calhoun (Red Hot Holiday Anthology, out Dec. 3)

The Ninth Day

Nov. 15 – Theresa Romain (Season for Surrender, out Oct. 2)

The Tenth Day

Nov. 16 – Samantha Hunter (Hers for the Holidays, out Nov. 13)

The Eleventh Day

Nov. 19 – Stefanie Sloane (One Perfect Christmas in the anthology Naughty and Nice)

The Twelfth Day

Nov. 20 – Jill Shalvis (Under the Mistletoe: A Lucky Harbor Novella, out Dec. 3)

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