B&N Bookseller Picks: July

B&N Bookseller Picks: July
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Barnes & Noble buyer Jules Herbert is a driving force behind the excellent selection in Barnes & Noble’s romance section. Here’s his list of recommendations for the month of July:

Ain’t Misbehaving by Molly Cannon (Grand Central, Jun 26)

Marla Jean Bandy might be down, but she’s not out. Even though her no-good ex-husband left her for another woman. She’s not ready for Mr. Right, but why not have a little fun with Mr. Right Now? The only wrench in her plan is her childhood crush, Jake-and the memory of the one toe-curling kiss they shared on a hot summer night years ago…

Afraid to Die by Lisa Jackson (Kensington, Jun 12)

The town of Grizzly Falls is on edge. Two women are missing — both of whom Detective Selena Alvarez knew. When their bodies are found, frozen solid and deliberately displayed, Selena is shocked to the core…Each victim wears a piece of her jewelry.

P.I. Dylan O’Keefe is on the case — a man Selena got too close to once before. But this killer already knows too much about the mistakes Selena has tried to outrun. And soon a madman bent on revenge will show her just how much she has to lose.

Can’t Buy Me Love by Molly O’Keefe (Random House Publishing Group, Jun 26)

Elderly Texas rancher Lyle Baker has a dying request: He will give Tara Jean, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, a stake in his leather business if she plays the part of a gold-digging fiancée and lures Lyle’s estranged children home.

Once Lyle’s gone, his ridiculously handsome son, Luc, becomes the new owner of Crooked Creek ranch. He’s also Tara Jean’s boss. But being so close to sinfully sweet Tara Jean does crazy things to Luc’s priorities. When Tara Jean’s past demands a dirty showdown, will Luc stay and fight?

A Dangerous Kiss by Francis Ray (St. Martin’s Press, Jun 26)

Sexy sports consultant Payton “Sin” Sinclair has tackled the world’s most valuable players—and most eligible women. But ever since his two best friends found love, he’s tempted to take a chance himself…on a woman named Summer.

Summer has always counted on Sin. Beneath his smooth charm—and hard body—lies a tender-hearted friend who always keeps her going. But now she’s trying not to let Sin’s innocent passes go to her head. Because one dangerous kiss will only lead to another.

Hot In Handcuffs by Shayla Black (Sourcebooks, Jul 3)

Three stories from three of the hottest authors!

FBI Agent Jon Bocelli never stopped wanting beautiful professor Lucia DiStefano. When her past puts her life in danger, Jon risks everything to save her.

When Deputy Marshal Jared Cameron investigates a series of arson attacks, the biggest blast of heat comes from sexy fire inspector Darcy Michaels—until their affair is compromised by a secret from Darcy’s past.

Mica Greer and her former lover, ex-FBI agent Colby Mathis, once shared an intimate past and a powerful psychic gift. Now, they’ve been reunited by a bizarre series of murders—and a passion that could put them both in jeopardy.

Liquid Lies by Hanna Martine (Penguin, Jul 3)

With her magical ability to pick up any language in an instant, Gwen Carroway is taking her family business global. And she’ll do anything to protect her people’s secrets and bloodlines—including enter an arranged marriage.

Reed is a mercenary who inadvertently saves Gwen’s life. He ignites her taboo desire for men without magic but soon discovers that Gwen is exactly who he’s been hired to kidnap. He resolves to put work before lust, but her luscious beauty and fiery spirit unravel him… Will Reed choose work or love?

The Officer Says I Do by Jeanette Murray (Sourcebooks, Jul 3)

He’s a Marine…she grew up on a commune.
He always puts duty first…she’s a free spirit with an unshakable belief in Fate.
He loves routine and order…she brings chaos and creativity wherever she goes.
They’re going to balance each other perfectly—or drive each other completely insane…

On a wild celebration in Las Vegas, Captain Timothy O’Shay encounters free-spirited beauty Skye McDermott, and for once lets down his guard. Now his life is about to take off in directions he never could have imagined…

Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost (HarperCollins, Jun 26)

After a tragic accident scarred her body and destroyed her dreams, Leila gains a terrifying ability to channel electricity and to see a person’s darkest secrets through a single touch. Leila is doomed to a life of solitude…until she’s forced to reach out with a telepathic distress call to the world’s most infamous vampire…

When Vlad and Leila meet, passion ignites, threatening to consume them. It will take everything they have to stop an enemy intent on bringing them down in flames.

Scandal Wears Satin by Loretta Chase (HarperCollins, Jun 26)

A recent family scandal has made an enemy of one of society’s fashion leaders making it very difficult for Dressmaker Sophy Noirot to sell anything. Turning scandal to the shop’s advantage requires every iota of Sophy’s skills, leaving her little patience for a big, reckless rake like the Earl of Longmore.

When Longmore’s sister, Noirot’s wealthiest, favorite customer, runs away, Sophy can’t let him bumble after her on his own. In hot pursuit with the one man who tempts her beyond reason, she finds desire has never slipped on so smoothly . . .

An Unsuitable Bride by Jane Feather (Pocket Books, Jul 24)

Young Viscount Bradley’s prudish family forbade him to marry his beloved. Now, the aging lord has required his three nephews to marry fallen women to receive their inheritance. Two have found brides who meet the terms . . . and all depends on the youngest, Peregrine Sullivan.

Peregrine is intrigued by a servant whose mind matches his own. Sensing some scandalous secret, Perry assumes the fallen lady would delight in being rescued. But his efforts are rebuffed; Alexandra will take care of herself and her sister, thank you very much. Can Perry court the daring and independent young woman, win her heart, and be the last brother to wed?

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