“Bonnet Fiction” We Love

“Bonnet Fiction” We Love
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I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been seeing “Amish” everywhere. Between the Amish hair-cutting attacks, and the new TLC mini-series Breaking Amish, the Christian Mennonite subgroup has been all over the media. Mainstream society seems to be fascinated. Similarly, in the romance world, Amish romance as a genre has been on the rise for a few years now, with no sign of stopping. Affectionately, we’ve dubbed it “Bonnet Fiction”.

With Fifty Shades of Grey and the growing popularity of erotica, it’s nice to be reminded of sweet, more tender stories of romantic and family love. That’s what Amish romance is all about. With this in mind, I wanted to share with you a few lovely Amish romances I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

An Amish Holiday, Cynthia Keller

Meg Hobart has everything: a happy marriage, a beautiful home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and three wonderful children. But it all comes crashing down the day she learns that her husband has brought the family to financial ruin. Penniless and homeless, the Hobarts to take refuge with a kind Amish family in Pennsylvania, where they must learn to live without the comforts of the modern world and realize what is truly important.

An Amish Gift, Cynthia Keller

From the author of An Amish Christmas and A Plain & Fancy Christmas comes a heartwarming novel of marriage and family, new beginnings and poignant homecomings—just in time for the holidays.

A Simple Winter, Rosalind Lauer

While investigating an unsolved crime, Remy McCallister winds up in the tightly woven Amish community of Lancaster County. The story leads her to Adam King and his ten younger siblings, who are trying to sustain their warm, loving home in the wake of the murder of their parents. Although Remy tries to remain professional, she falls for Adam. But when she solves the case she must decide between the love of Adam and his family and the truth that will shatter everything.

A Simple Spring, Rosalind Lauer

Although Sadie King is blessed with the voice of an angel, she never thought that following the song in her heart would take her far beyond the strict boundaries of her Amish faith and away from the only home she’s ever known. But during her rumspringa, she secretly begins performing with a band. Now she faces an impossible choice between the music in her heart, the man she loves, and the traditions branded upon her soul.

A Simple Autumn, Rosalind Lauer

Jonah King has no desire to leave his close-knit community. All his hopes and dreams lie in Lancaster County, and many of them revolve around his longtime love for Annie Stoltzfus. But Annie’s beautiful eyes reflect only her affection for Jonah’s older brother—and her sadness when he chooses another. When he’s around Annie his calm, capable demeanor flees, leaving him tongue-twisted and awkward, but he knows he must find the courage to speak up.

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