Book or Blush?

Book or Blush?
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For years my mother smeared a flirty shade of dark, glossy pink over her lips whenever she and my dad were going out on a date. I found out, some years later, that the name of her favorite shade of lipstick was “Going Dutch”. Strange, but true. And wouldn’t “Going Dutch” double quite nicely as the title of a novel?

Turns out, this is true for lots of different cosmetics and we here at RomanceatRandom think it’s funny that romance and make-up copywriters seem to be such kindred spirits. In that same vein, see if you can tell the difference below between the books and the blush (or lip color, eye shadow, etc)!

1. Kiss of Crimson
While this might sound like the hottest new shade of red from our friends over at Revlon or MAC, Kiss of Crimson is actually a novel by paranormal romance writer Lara Adrian, author of the Midnight Breed Series. Her newest book is called Darker After Midnight.

2. Jealousy Wakes
Sounds like something you’d love to read, right? A book full of envy and betrayal. Perhaps a mysterious green-eyed love interest who toys with the protagonist’s heart? Too bad that the only thing you can do with Jealous Wakes is buy it at Sephora and brush it lightly atop your eyelids.

3. Ladies in the Limelight
Fame, fortune, and scandal follows these three sisters everywhere they go. But it seems that a few dangerous men are following them too.
Just kidding… It’s a nail polish, ladies!

4. Ivy Secrets
If you guessed this was a lurid tale of three friends who attend an Ivy League university together and hide a deadly secret for more than a decade, you were right. No makeup here, even though “Ivy” brings to mind bright shades of green. This is a romantic thriller from author Jean Stone, and is a part of our Loveswept e-only imprint.

5. Midnight Cowboy
Could it be the latest steamy cowboy romance from Lorelei James? Nope. It’s a 24/7 glide-on eye pencil, from Urban Decay.

6. The Sweetest Dark
Doesn’t this summon images of a sexy, deep red hue for your finger nails and toes? I can hear the conversations now:
“What color are you wearing?”
“Oh this?” You’ll answer with you hand splayed in front of you. “It’s called The Sweetest Dark.”
But you’ll have to settle for reading about it. The Sweetest Dark is a historical paranormal romance by Shana Abe, coming soon from Random House.

7. Just Bitten
If this were a book, I imagine it as the hottest new vampire series, to be rapidly followed by a sequel, perhaps entitled Just Smitten. Unfortunately though, this is a new lip stain from Revlon.

8. Mermaid Dream/On The Beach
These may sound like companion novels, perfect for tossing in your bag before heading to the beach, but the bad news is, they aren’t books. The good news, though, is that you can still take them with you on vacation because these lovely nail colors are perfect for summer.

9. Blue Velvet
Despite it’s tricky title, this is a suspenseful romance from Iris Johansen. You’ll love Beau Lantry (the hottie from the novel), about as much as you love the color blue (maybe even more).

10. Frankly Scarlet
The first blush of the bunch makes it’s debut here at number ten. This cleverly named shade comes from MAC, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a book floating in the ether with the same name.


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