Book Review by Anne – SWEET REVENGE & Giveaway!!

Book Review by Anne – SWEET REVENGE & Giveaway!!
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SWEET REVENGE by Christy Reece
(Book #8 in the Last Chance Rescue Series)

Reviewer: Anne
Grade: A

“Revenge is sweet and not fattening.” Alfred Hitchcock

In a case of mistaken identity, Jamie Kendrick is abducted and abused by a maniac – then sold to another madman for his evil son’s entertainment. Dylan Savage, an operative working for Last Chance Rescue serves as her knight-in-shining-armor when he rescues her from Stanford Reddington’s grip. With a his-word-against-her-word complaint, no actual physical proof, and the use of his wealth and powerful influence in Spain, Reddington remains free of prosecution. Now Jamie wants revenge for what was done to her, but even more importantly she wants this monster locked away where he can never hurt anyone again. Justice will be the sweetest revenge of all.

Armed with a few secrets of her own, Jamie seeks assistance from Noah McCall, the head of Last Chance Rescue, to prepare her physically for a face off with her abuser. When Noah balks at Jamie’s plans for revenge, she issues a “with or without your help” ultimatum. Confronted with his choices, Noah McCall agrees and assigns Dylan the job of training Jamie. What is unknown to Jamie is that neither Noah or Dylan have any intention of letting her play the avenging angel. The training is only a pretext for getting the information she keeps to herself and keeping her safe while LCR takes down Reddington alone.

No plan is ever failsafe and this one blows up in Dylan’s face when his trainee proves to be more than she first appeared. He underestimates her strength and willpower as his own falters when he and Jamie become intimate. Their chemistry is sizzling and the author’s extremely well written dialogue between the lovers sweetly intensifies each encounter.

From the first page to the last, you are caught up in a story masterfully thredded with danger and desire. Emotionally intense, positively captivating, heart wrenching and drool worthy, the love story between Jamie and Dylan is one that won’t disappoint those of us who enjoy a full impact romance. This couple is irresistible, their romance a memorable one, and their HEA just perfect!
SWEET REVENGE is an unforgettable story, with an equally unforgettable cast of characters. You want to savor each and every detail. As with all the other books in this series, reappearances by former characters add an extra dose of sweetness to this one as well. Still going strong and packing a wallop of a punch, the 8th book in the popular Last Chance Rescue series exemplifies all the reasons why I’m a huge fan of both the series and its author, who, in my opinion, writes some of the very best romantic suspense on the market today.

QUESTION: Do you think there is ever an instance when revenge is the only answer? If so, would you be prepared to invoke that revenge?

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