Book Review: Deeper by Robin York = 5 Stars!

Book Review:  Deeper by Robin York = 5 Stars!
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The Book Queen’s Book Palace Reviews, DEEPER by Robin York:

I have read many reviews where the reader goes on and on about how the book tore her up, how she cried and raged. The term “ugly cry” is always mentioned two or three times in a very dramatic tone. I have always rolled my eyes at such claims. “Really? You cried – actually bawled, not just blinked back a stinging in your eyes? PLEASE!” I didn’t understand what these readers could possible be reading to make such claims. I wondered if I was missing some crucial reader DNA; I feared I was IUC – Incapable of Ugly Crying.

Man was I wrong. And I now understand what other readers have known for years—ugly crying hurts. A lot.

Deeper is an amazing book, for many reasons, which I will get into later—but mainly because Robin York (aka, Ruthie Knox) taught me how to ugly cry. I think I may now be a pro, after 300 pages of West and Caroline’s story. I finished Deeper nearly a month ago, and yet I’m still not over this book!

The ending (ha!) left me raw. The pain is still intense, but if you think that will stop me from reading Deeper again, you are wrong.

Already I’ve pre-ordered a copy for my keeper shelf. Because as hard as it was to read this book, it was so easy to love it.

I can’t even begin to explain why I loved this book so much. It’s the simple fact that I couldn’t stop reading, even as my heart lay bleeding on the floor. I couldn’t hate West, even though he has his rude moments.

There were many scenes I marked, and I know that when my copy arrives, I will have post-it notes everywhere. The many phone-sex scenes . . . the dirty talking . . . their first time . . . *shivers* Trust me – Deeper is very sexy, very dirty, yet so very, well, deep. West and Caroline’s relationship is about more than just (hot, awesome) sex, though there is plenty of that!

Be prepared to cry, be prepared to scream at the pain, yet be prepared for sexy fun, too. Because even though Deeper broke me, it was worth it. York, you had better continue this story—I’m not sure I can survive without a HEA for these two troubled, yet brave, characters. If you are an ugly cry virgin, like I was, you may take my review as over-the-top drama. If you’ve done this before, then you know the routine, and even without having read this book yet, you are probably nodding your head, accustomed to these emotions. Either way, be sure to pick this one up; you may hate me for recommending it while the pain hits, but by the end you will thanking me!


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