Book Reviews, what constitutes a good review for you? + Giveaway!!

Book Reviews, what constitutes a good review for you? + Giveaway!!

Romance Books There are lots of different romance websites out there, many of which offer book reviews. Looking though the different review formats, styles, contents of those reviews I wonder what really makes a review work for you? What type of review really resonates and makes you want to go and buy that book? A few weeks back, we talked about websites and the sites we gravitated to, and many of us responded that we enjoyed the sites that had book reviews. This post is primarily to find out, what you look for in a book review and what is the one thing that makes you buy that book?

A book review in its simplest form is a description, critical analysis, and an evaluation on the quality, meaning, and significance of a book, not a retelling.

But is that really what we want? Is that what we look for? Or are we looking for someone to just say this is good; an A+; if you like Lisa, Jane will knock your socks off . . .

There are tons of reviewers out there and they all have their own way of reviewing – we’d like to know, what one thing identifies a good review for you in which 90% of the time you’ll go & buy that book.

Remember, every week 5 commenters are chosen to win a free book, winners announced on Sunday – good luck!Romance Book reviews

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