Bookmatchmaker & Giveaway!

Bookmatchmaker & Giveaway!
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The Matchmaker
Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match

I’ve been a bookseller, a marketing guru, a publicist, an editor, a writer and more importantly always a reader. No matter what kind of hat I’ve worn in the publishing industry there has been a constant common thread. Putting the right book into the right hands – I found it a challenge to get the match just right. My reward always came in the form of the reader returning and saying – What’s next?? What else should I read? Or while I was working marketing on a larger scale, finding the right medium in which to reach the reader.

Recently I read an article in which Katie Freeman, a senior publicist for Pantheon and Schocken Books, said “the book must be the right fit to create a love affair . . . there’s little I adore more than playing book matchmaker.” I couldn’t agree more! A title I’ll gladly don!

A matchmaker to create love affairs, love of books and love of authors – and get those matches just right! When I was a bookseller, my goal was, yes to sell more books. However, what would be the point of suggesting a title or an author that didn’t fit the reader? The reader would never trust me to recommend anything else for them.

And while “If you like . . . try” works for some, I did those calculations mentally and then would present the reader with a different explanation. The music industry came up with a word for what I was doing – mashup. I would take other authors, TV or movies to help give the reader a better picture of what or who the book/author would be like. This also worked really well for those non-readers who were trying to find the perfect gift for their special reader – only didn’t know what they read!!
Ah, she liked 27 Dresses? Try Susan Donovan or Susan Mallery.

Here are some of my favorite mashups:

  • Catherine Mann is a mix of Suzanne Brockmann and Cindy Gerard with just a touch of Debbie Macomber.
  • Kate Pearce – Think old school Robin Schone or Lora Leigh if she wrote historical.
  • Kylie Brant – Kathy Reichs (Bones) or Patricia Cornwell, with the romance of Linda Howard and Julie Garwood.
  • Shannon K Butcher – Take equal parts Christine Feehan, JR Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon and roll them into one.
  • Nalini Singh – Stephenie Meyer -think warm werewolves and cool vampires only in this case replace vampires with Psy!
  • Jessica Andersen – 2012 movie anyone? While the movie isn’t based on Andersen’s books – the books have a fun 2012 twist! And in my opinion, books are always better than movies . . .
  • And just for fun my favorite mystery author Donald Harstad – Dragnet meets Fargo
  • So what about you? How do you see Maya Banks or Meljean Brook? How would you mashup your favorite author? Or do you see things differently in the mashups I created? Feel free to suggest your own mashup! Can’t find another author or title like your favorite? Put me to the test!


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