Books you re-read + Giveaway!

Books you re-read + Giveaway!

Books you re-read . . . .

Why do you re-read a book?

Many of us re-read books because we forgot something about them and wanted to refresh our memories, or we were looking for something new to buy & nothing had really triggered our interest, or we just wanted to re-read the story because it was such an enjoyable book, right?

Historical romances seem to be some of my favorite re-reads – Stephanie Laurens, Cynsters, Devil, Rafe, all of those heroes keep me coming back to that series. Julia Quinn’s, Bridgertons, is another one that I love to go back to time & time again and immerse myself.

Something in those books resonates with us to make them books that we’ll read over & over again — either that the H/H are so endearing, the plot is fast & fun paced, or the authors voice & writing style are truly engaging & you love every moment you spend re-reading those books. Those are the books, that when you’re done reading them your whole being is uplifted from the pure enjoyment of that story.

What about you? Do you have favorites you enjoy re-reading? Do you re-read? Why or why not?

Remember, 5 randomly chosen commenters will win a FREE book every week – winners announced on Sunday – good luck!

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