BREATHE by Kristen Ashley

BREATHE by Kristen Ashley
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I’m a huge fan of Kristen Ashley.  Her romances usually include a sassy, sweet heroine and an infuriating, but lovable alpha male in a story that will break your heart, and then make it soar with happiness.  No one writes alpha males better, and Chace was one of my favorites. Breathe was old-school Kristen Ashley at her finest.

Faye is the town librarian, and a geeky bookworm.  She’s also been in love with Chace for the better part of thirteen years, since he moved to Carnal and joined their police force. But, alas, Chace had never acknowledged her existence in all those years, and she gave up on him when he married the town slut, Misty, six years ago. This move was shocking and made no sense to Faye or the town, because she was a nasty piece of work.  When Misty is murdered the possibility of a life with Chace comes onto the table again. This is if he ever realizes she exists!

Unknown to Faye is the fact that Chace did notice her. Really noticed her, but all plans were ruined when he was trapped into a loveless marriage thanks to his dad. Chace’s dad was the lowest of lows, a sick, creepy, jerk. As if his miserable personal situation weren’t enough, the corruption in the Carnal police force was a seemingly endless problem he had to bear until just recently.  With a major cleanup on the force, his professional life has vastly improved.  Personally, though, Chace is having a hard time.  You’d think with the way Misty trapped him he wouldn’t lose too much sleep over her murder, but Chace can’t help but feel guilty over her death.

Suddenly and surprisingly, Faye keeps popping up, and Chace wonders if he might have a chance at the life he’s longed for after all. I loved Faye. She was so innocent and cute. On top of being a bookworm, (which I could totally relate to!) she was a science-fiction aficionado with a deep love of Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, and Fringe. I was fan-girling all over the place! She also had a bit of a temper that perfectly matched her red hair:

 “There’s a temperament behind that hair, son. So, my advice, don’t catch it from Faye.”

I cracked up every time she used that “backbone” and said “frak,” even if she felt a little guilty saying it, like it was an actual curse word. I love that Kristen Ashley writes about strong, positive female friendships and Faye had a posse of girlfriends at her back, serving up great advice and support! Their little pow-wows had me cracking up, especially ones involving Twyla. Faye certainly needed this backup.  She may have been twenty-nine years old but she was low on experience having had her nose in a book for a good portion of her life.

I swooned hard for Chace; Bossy, possessive, but so utterly sweet!  After all the bad that’s happened in his life, Chace gave up on his dream of having a loving wife and family. He melted my heart with the way he treated Faye as the most precious thing ever to grace his life.  He ticked me off in the beginning, but he really did mean well. Chace more than made up for it and I couldn’t help but fall hard.

The mystery around Misty’s murder, and fallout from the Carnal police corruption made for bits of suspense and danger that culminated in a nail biting ending.  I was on the edge of my seat hoping all would turn out okay.

By the end I was left with a huge smile on my face after reading one of the loveliest epilogues to date! *sigh* If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading a Kristen Ashley romance, you are seriously missing out. She has a particular brand of storytelling that is so very addictive. . I highly recommend all the books in her Colorado Mountain series.


Rachel loves being swept away by romances and has spent countless late nights thinking “just one more page!” For more of her bookish thoughts and reviews you can find her on The Readers Den or connect with her on Twitter.


BREATHE (Colorado Mountain #4) by Kristen Ashley/Grand Central/August 26


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