THE PERFECT LETTER by Chris Harrison

We all know Chris Harrison as the congenial host of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise for the past fifteen or so years. Now he has published his first novel, a romance entitled THE PERFECT LETTER.

YOUNGER: Season 1, Episode 9

While Liza is tucked away reading Tolstoy, or as she puts it, “Real Housewives of St. Petersburg with dense Russian prose,” before 9 a.m., little does she know that she’s stumbled upon Charles’ secret breakfast spot, and they have another moment that adds to their list of things in common. One thing in his favor? Charles does seem to recognize Liza’s intelligence and ability, especially when she confides that she’s really good at keeping a secret...

MAD MEN, Series Finale

With countless predictions and crazy theories surfacing about the finale, “Person to Person” surprisingly delivers a perfectly-paced, deeply layered, peaceful closure to a series focused on the characters.

RE JANE: by Patricia Park

"Jane Eyre is one of my favorite novels so I was intrigued when I heard that Patricia Park had written a modern adaptation of the classic novel. How would Park deal with some of the more troubling aspects of the novel, namely Rochester’s concealment of his marriage to the mad woman in the attic? Luckily RE JANE is not a paint-by-numbers adaptation. It is a wholly new, original story that stands firmly on its own. In many ways, it actually transcends the original source material."

THE ROYALS : Season 1 Finale

"In this action-packed season finale, truths are revealed and even more questions arise to allow you to simmer in anticipation for season two."

ORPHAN BLACK: Season 3, Episode 5

"Finally, the sestras have reunited – but it’s not cozy. The Castors and Mother Virginia has gotten to our feisty assassin that she didn't feel the warm and fuzzies upon seeing her twin, Sarah. Oh Helena, if only you knew the lengths Sarah went through to get to you! I mean it's not the most ideal situation but at least you guys are back together... sort of."

SCANDAL: Season 4 Finale

Somehow, in the midst of RT madness, our Scandal had the time to watch this season finale. Can you say rock star blogger? Enjoy...

ONCE PURE (Shattered Past #3) by Cecy Robson

"As a fan of Cecy Robson’s Weird Girls series, I was excited to sample something different from her and also read my first fighter romance novel. Sure, I like my vampires and shifters a tad violent, but this was a complete turnaround for me. I like to live on the wild side and I dove right in to the romantic arena..."

WITCHES BE BURNED by Stacey Kennedy

"The danger feels real and the twists will catch you off guard. WITCHES BE BURNED has gory battle scenes and extremely sexy sex scenes."

YOUNGER: Season 1, Episode 8

"As hard as she’s trying, Liza’s age actually gives her a wealth of experience and insight, and the right people appreciate that. And we see hints of a storm on the horizon, as a love triangle might be brewing..."

THE UNLIKELY LADY by Valerie Bowman

"Feminist heroines in historical romance are an interesting paradox. On the one hand, given how restricted women in Regency England were, it’s hard not to wonder how realistic a character that defies societal expectation really is. Would a woman of the period have even thought to forego marriage or sneak out unchaperoned or be with a man before marriage? On the other hand, it’s really nice to see strong female characters that can hold their own, and romances with two partners who feel like equals."

GAME OF THRONES: Season 5, Episode 5

"With the episode titled “Kill the Boy” I was anticipating death this episode. While there was some great action and yes, one death, it thankfully wasn’t one of the main characters."

MAD MEN: Season 7, Episode 13

It's the second-to-last episode of the series, and Betty Draper Francis and Sneaky Pete Campbell are faced with major life-altering revelations, while Don continues on his Kerouacian journey across America.

WOLF HALL: Episode 6

"This whole episode appears to be about people getting revenge on those they feel have slighted them."

THE ROYALS: Season 1, Episode 9

With Cyrus and the queen forming an alliance to take the kingdom in hand, it appears as though this episode will set the tone for next week’s finale. The episode opens with the confirmation that the twins are not the descendants of the queen. Eleanor is on the path to finding answers, she knows the queen and Cyrus had something to do with the reveal and she’s going to find out what is going on. The queen also drops a bomb after Eleanor accuses her of killing Robert, her brother...

ONCE UPON A TIME: Season Finale

Did you catch the season finale last night? Raven Presley is here with a recap of our last taste of Storybrooke until the fall...

TAMING THE LEGEND (London Legends #4) by Kat Latham

"Kat Latham returns to the world of rugby football in her London Legends series, this time with a second chance at love story between an man who has sacrificed everything including love for his career, and the one woman who might be more important than rugby TAMING THE LEGEND. I admit it, I’m a sucker for a story about two people rekindling their passion for each other and this book delivers. TAMING THE LEGEND is one of the most mature and emotionally satisfying romances that I have read in a long time."

BREAKING NOAH by Missy Johnson and Ashley Suzanne

"BREAKING NOAH starts as a slow burn, but when things start to heat up, they get explosive in a hurry. The resulting story is one of finding love amidst loss and taking chances to pursue passion, with a heaping helping of intrigue. Fans of angsty New Adult fiction with heat will love this one."

SCANDAL: Season 4, Episode 21

"Usually I love a show that kicks off with an “Adult Content” warning -- but maybe not so much with this one. Jake is busy recovering at warp speed under Liv’s watchful eye. Quinn and Huck are next door doing all sorts of nasty torture “adult content” things to Russell. They want to understand what Foxtail is and Quinn has the power tools and isn’t afraid to use them. Brutal, just brutal; but then again, when you work for Papa Pope, crap like this is in the job description. We know Russell was trained better than that – he doesn’t need a kneecap or his fingernails – they won't get the Foxtail scoop out of him."

BORN OF DEFIANCE (The League #9) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Kenyon spared no backstory detail in BORN OF DEFIANCE, giving us some of the biggest pieces of favorite characters’ history and the secrets they have been hiding. (Which I am not going to share, so you’re going to have to read to find out because I’d hate to have the author’s plot bunnies make me their next victim.) I’ll say that I really didn’t expect Talyn’s book to be this packed with both history and Andarion culture. "

SIN (Devil’s Den #3) by Violetta Rand

"In this installment we meet Joshua, the new manager. He’s Ivy-league educated with a Masters degree and is looking to take the Den to the next level. He has a higher standard and wants to see more of a gentleman’s club atmosphere -- a stark contrast to the slightly seedy club frequented by bikers and other average strip club clients. He’s got a new book of rules and regulations and a heavy hand, but when he meets Macey, he immediately realizes he may have just met his match."

YOUNGER: Season 1, Episode 7

First, the episode title: "Broke and Pantyless.” Priceless! And Josh is a bluegrass player? Did we seriously need any more reasons to love him? As we’re admiring how good Liza’s got it, Kelsey gets a booty call text from her hot Swedish author Anton that she plays off to Liza and Maggie as “work,” though they know what’s up. Later in bed, Liza makes a reference to the Go-Go’s while Josh is thinking Lady Gaga and the fact that they keep having these moments of total wire-crossing is pretty funny.

MIDNIGHT’S KISS by Thea Harrison

"I could not help but fall in love with Melisande. Even though she puts off the persona of being a “stupid poodle” the reality is she is a brigh -- quite often hilarious -- woman with the will to live and love. She made me laugh (more than once) and she made me cry; the courage she showed in the midst of bone numbing fear make Melly the embodiment of a heroine."

WOLF HALL: Episode 5

It’s 1535 and it’s about to get real in England. Informative caption tells us that the Act of Supremacy declared Henry head of the Church of England but Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (and nephew of Henry’s ex-wife Catherine of Aragon) and Ambassador Chapuys refuse to recognize the King’s new title or his marriage to Anne Boleyn...

MAD MEN: Season 7, Episode 12

With the Sterling Cooper gang transitioning into the office building of McCann Erickson, it becomes very apparent that this move is more like herding lost sheep into the wolves’ den. Devoured by the new agency within their first week, and forced to tackle a checklist of -isms, the executive team is slowly fading away...

ONCE UPON A TIME: Season 4, Episode 21

The Evil Queen stops at a group of villagers and stalks towards them after stepping out of her buggy. She finds out that the villagers are planning on wedding at the spot where they stand: royal lands. The queen loses her temper and yanks the heart of the groom out of his chest. When her father begins rationalizing to her the benefits of sparing her people (since she is losing her temper on account of what day it is) she angrily crushes the grooms heart -- killing him instantly. As the bride and their family wail over his body, the queen returns to her carriage. She goes to the grave of her beloved Daniel. Seeing a yellow rose sitting on his grave stone, the infuriated queen turns to find her mother standing behind her...

GAME OF THRONES: Season 5, Episode 4

The momentum continues to build and in last nights episode there was some great action as well as the introduction of some new faces.