ORPHAN BLACK: Season 3, Episode 8

"I am getting frustrated with this season! It started really strong then the episodes just kept on blowing hot air. Lots of distracting plot devices, more characters added in, and yet we're farther from a resolution, or the truth for that matter, than before! We're already on episode 8 and the Orphan Black universe is still expanding..."


"I’m a sucker for a situational/neighbors romance, which is what we have in Julie James’s SUDDENLY ONE SUMMER. Divorce lawyer Victoria Slade is so freaked out when her apartment is broken into that she decides to move. Her new house won’t be ready until the end of the summer, so she rents a converted loft next door to Ford Dixon, a devastatingly handsome man she spotted at a nearby bar recently."
pound of flesh

A POUND OF FLESH by Sophie Jackson

"This taboo, forbidden romance takes place behind the walls of a prison. Katherine has been hired as a literature teacher for the inmates. When she receives a new volatile student, Wes Carter, Kate has no idea how her life is going to change."

THE KNOCKOFF by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

"THE KNOCKOFF is a great beach read, easily devoured with a strong, likeable heroine with an insider’s view of the not-so- glamorous fashion industry."

YOUNGER: Season 1, Episode 11

"From the minute this episode – titled “Hot Mitzvah” begins—YOUNGER is delivering wisdom in spades."

SWEET ACHE by K. Bromberg

"K. Bromberg will captivate your imagination; her passion for emotional and broken heroes is intoxicating and inspiring."

ONLY A PROMISE by Mary Balogh

"I adored Chloe! I admired her strength and courage, her determination to rely on herself to take what happiness she could from life and not to expect others to give it to her."
I'll standbyyou

I’LL STAND BY YOU by Sharon Sala

"Lately, I haven’t been able to find a book that I just couldn’t put down. That is until I picked up I’ll Stand By You. I loved this book. It’s heartbreaking, endearing and funny all at the same time."

ORPHAN BLACK: Season 3, Episode 7

"I hate filler episodes the same way I hate filler books! Last night's episode is one of my least favorite if not the most disappointing of the series so far."


"This! This is what I want in a historical romance! Twelve years have passed since Henry abruptly disappeared after a secret marriage to Caroline, leaving Caroline broken and laboring under the impression Henry was dead. Now, Caroline is widowed, out of mourning, and has returned to London to visit her brother, ready to enjoy all the freedoms widowhood will give her, never imagining she would come face to face with the man who broke her heart all those years ago."


"Say it isn’t so! This is a bittersweet review for me to write because MOONLIGHT ON NIGHTINGALE WAY is the final installment in Samantha Young’s beautiful, moving, and sexy as all get out On Dublin Street series..."


"Girl power is front and center in Kit Rocha’s latest foray into Sector Four with the sixth book in their post-apocalyptic powerhouse series, Beyond Innocence. Something the O’Kane gang has always celebrated is how much they love their women. And because even in our modern society equality for women is often sorely lagging or downright disgraceful, the O’Kanes show that their futuristic dystopian world is forward-thinking in more ways than one."

THE BEAUTIFUL ONE by Emily Greenwood

"THE BEAUTIFUL ONE has all the things I enjoy in a good historical romance—verbal sparring, a strong heroine, a brooding hero, and a ticking time bomb of a conflict."

HADES: A Demonica Novella by Larissa Ione

"Knowing that the Demonica series is over packs a mighty punch to my gut, but also knowing that the series lives on in the novella's written by the very talented Larissa Ione softens the blow."

YOUNGER: Season 1, Episode 10

"We get our first scene with Maggie and Josh - two of the most important people currently in Liza’s life - but also more age 26 vs. age 41 perspective with a guest appearance by Kathy Najimy..."


"I had the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Probst during the 2015 RT Book Lovers Convention in Dallas. She mentions SEARCHING FOR BEAUTIFUL in the interview so of course I read it as soon as I got home! This was my first Jennifer Probst book and it certainly will not be my last."

THE PERFECT LETTER by Chris Harrison

We all know Chris Harrison as the congenial host of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise for the past fifteen or so years. Now he has published his first novel, a romance entitled THE PERFECT LETTER.

YOUNGER: Season 1, Episode 9

While Liza is tucked away reading Tolstoy, or as she puts it, “Real Housewives of St. Petersburg with dense Russian prose,” before 9 a.m., little does she know that she’s stumbled upon Charles’ secret breakfast spot, and they have another moment that adds to their list of things in common. One thing in his favor? Charles does seem to recognize Liza’s intelligence and ability, especially when she confides that she’s really good at keeping a secret...

MAD MEN, Series Finale

With countless predictions and crazy theories surfacing about the finale, “Person to Person” surprisingly delivers a perfectly-paced, deeply layered, peaceful closure to a series focused on the characters.

RE JANE: by Patricia Park

"Jane Eyre is one of my favorite novels so I was intrigued when I heard that Patricia Park had written a modern adaptation of the classic novel. How would Park deal with some of the more troubling aspects of the novel, namely Rochester’s concealment of his marriage to the mad woman in the attic? Luckily RE JANE is not a paint-by-numbers adaptation. It is a wholly new, original story that stands firmly on its own. In many ways, it actually transcends the original source material."

THE ROYALS : Season 1 Finale

"In this action-packed season finale, truths are revealed and even more questions arise to allow you to simmer in anticipation for season two."

ORPHAN BLACK: Season 3, Episode 5

"Finally, the sestras have reunited – but it’s not cozy. The Castors and Mother Virginia has gotten to our feisty assassin that she didn't feel the warm and fuzzies upon seeing her twin, Sarah. Oh Helena, if only you knew the lengths Sarah went through to get to you! I mean it's not the most ideal situation but at least you guys are back together... sort of."

SCANDAL: Season 4 Finale

Somehow, in the midst of RT madness, our Scandal had the time to watch this season finale. Can you say rock star blogger? Enjoy...

ONCE PURE (Shattered Past #3) by Cecy Robson

"As a fan of Cecy Robson’s Weird Girls series, I was excited to sample something different from her and also read my first fighter romance novel. Sure, I like my vampires and shifters a tad violent, but this was a complete turnaround for me. I like to live on the wild side and I dove right in to the romantic arena..."

WITCHES BE BURNED by Stacey Kennedy

"The danger feels real and the twists will catch you off guard. WITCHES BE BURNED has gory battle scenes and extremely sexy sex scenes."