SLEEPY HOLLOW, Season 2, Episode 10

"Okay, it’s here folks: the winter finale, leaving us bereft of Ichabod’s fabulous wigs, Abbie’s fleek-tastic , skeptically lifted brows, and Jenny’s self-assured badassery. Some of us will miss Hawley’s sarcastic Golden Retriever enthusiasm as he follows after Abbie, others Henry Parrish’s ability to veer from jealous adolescent to the Horseman of War. Most of all, we will miss Headless Horseman abs. All in all we have a great set-up for the inevitable stomach-dropping cliffhanger."

THE KING (The Original Sinners #6) by Tiffany Reisz

Cunning. Sex. Pure nerve. Only this potent threesome can raise him to his rightful place as ruler of Manhattan's kink kingdom. Bouncing from bed to bed on the Upper East Side—handsomely paid in both bills and blackmail fodder—Kingsley Edge is brilliant, beautiful and utterly debauched. No carnal act or chemical compound can relieve his self-destructive apathy—only Søren, the one person he loves without limit or regret.

MINE TO TAKE (Nine Circles #1) Jackie Ashenden

First in a brand new series by Jackie Ashenden featuring the members of the Nine Circles Club—friends bound together by power, secrets, need…and the love they will find and stop at nothing to keep.

THE BLACK WIDOW by Jennifer Estep

With wicked Fire elemental Mab Monroe long gone, you’d think I could finally catch a break. But someone’s always trying to take me down, either as Gin Blanco or my assassin alter-ago. Now along comes the Spider’s new arch-nemesis, the mysteriously named M. M. Monroe, who is gleefully working overtime to trap me in a sticky web of deceit.


RITA® Award-winning author Sarah MacLean reveals the identity of The Fallen Angel's final scoundrel in the spectacular conclusion to her New York Times bestselling Rules of Scoundrels series . . .

I BELONG TO YOU by Lisa Renee Jones

Master... Being that person, that man, is how I define myself, how I allow the rest of the world to define me as well. And now, with a terrible loss shredding me inside out and someone trying to destroy my family to punish me, control is more important than ever. It is everything. It is what I need. It is all I need. Or maybe I just need...her.

LOVELY WILD by Megan Hart

"I finished Lovely Wild in one day because I was so riveted by the story. I wouldn’t call this a romance; there is love in there, but this was a different type of dark, compelling story."

SONS OF ANARCHY, Season 7, Episode 10

Last week’s episode was my favorite of the season to date. The highly adrenalized drama remained true to its reputation. The shocking developments were just a precursor for what’s to come in the final episodes. This week’s episode, titled “Suits of Woe,” has taken SAMCRO even further down the dark road. Hold on to your hats — these final episodes must not be missed. Jax is shown sitting in Abel’s room, then the scene cuts to Gemma talking to herself again. Juice is also shown talking to himself, and Chibbs is shown leaving the Sheriff while she sleeps. Wendy tells Jax that when she left rehab Juice was staying in her apartment. Jax continues to question Wendy about why Juice was in her apartment and who knew about Juice. She tells him just Unser. Wendy… Continue


At six foot one, Gwen Chambers has felt like a giant her whole life. She’s a calm, capable nurse saving lives in a busy London hospital, but healthy men give her heart palpitations. When larger-than-life rugby player “Little” John Sheldon convinces her to bid on him in his team’s fundraising auction, she discovers how pleasurable heart palpitations can be.


The Duke’s Guide to Correct Behavior is a light hearted romp through 1840s London, with all of its class wars, whispered gossip, cravat wearing, observatory building, governess having grandeur. I’m a big fan of funny, especially rapier-like wit from a heroine who is worth more than her weight in gold. Lily Russell is a force to be reckoned with and the rakish Duke of Rutherford, Marcus, doesn’t quiet know what’s hit him…but he certainly wants to figure her out and he plans on taking more than two minutes to do it.

BEFORE WE FALL by Courtney Cole

One dark moment was all it took to turn twenty-four-year-old Dominic Kinkaide's world black. On the night of his high school graduation, a single incident changed him forever, and he became a hardened man-famous in the eyes of the world, but tortured inside. Now all he cares about is losing himself in the roles that he plays. At twenty-three years old, Jacey Vincent doesn't realize how much her father's indifference has affected her. She is proof that sometimes it isn't one specific moment that wrecks a person, but an absence of moments. She tries to find acceptance in the arms of men to fill the void-a plan that has worked just fine for her, until she meets Dominic.

DRAW ME IN by Regina Cole

After her parents pull the plug on her college fund to finance their nasty divorce, Hailey Jakes is desperate to pay her own way and finish her degree in graphic design. She can hardly believe her luck when the sexiest guy she’s ever seen hires her to be the receptionist at his tattoo shop. With sea-blue eyes, jet-black hair, and full sleeves of tattoos on his muscular arms, Neill Vanderhaven looks like the kind of guy who wouldn’t give her the time of day. In fact, he’s mesmerized by her—and it doesn’t hurt that she’s talented as hell.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, Season 1, Episode 8

I apologize in advance for the extra-long recap but so much happened in this week’s episode, there was a lot of tying up of loose threads.  So this week’s promos promised that we would get the story of Lila’s affair with Sam straight from the sorority girl’s mouth.  Well, we did and we didn’t.  I don’t know about you but I thought the flashbacks in this episode for the most part were a distinct let down. Yes, we got to know a little bit more about Lila’s relationship with Rebecca  (the sorority girl and the drug dealer, hanging out on the roof and sharing confidences.) See, Lila was having a hard time with the whole virginity pact with Griffin.  She worried that if she waited too long to have sex, it wouldn’t fit.  A legitimate… Continue

SONS OF ANARCHY, Season 7, Episode 9

Have you recovered yet from last week's devastating episode? This week, titled "Faith and Despondency,” we are shown a different side of the characters: love seems to be in the air. Hold onto your seats with only three episodes remaining, we are still in full gear.

PUSHING THE LIMIT (Alpha Ops #3) By Emmy Curtis

I love a well researched, smart book. Emmy Curtis clearly has her research well in hand for this series. She takes us on military missions filled with so much detail, you can almost feel the sandy grit in your eyes as you read. The third book in her Alpha Ops series hits all of the high notes you need for an engaging military themed romantic suspense.
Forbidden Ground


Returning to Cold Creek, Ohio is an act of courage for Tess Lockwood. Abducted and held captive as a young girl, she is unable to remember anything about the crime that destroyed her childhood and tore her family apart. Gabe McCord has always blamed himself for what happened to Tess. Now he’s the county sheriff and hopes to shed new light on the cold case, especially given his growing feeling for Tess. Tess isn’t ready to recall what happened to her, but when another child in the town goes missing, she’s certain it’s related to her abduction. Together, Tess and Gabe work to unlock their painful memories to save a child and heal their damaged souls.

HER PERFECT GAME by Shannyn Schroeder

Some girls get hot thinking about the musician or the football player, but here’s a little secret: I have a thing for the hot nerdy guy. When I saw Shannyn Schroeder had a series titled, Hot & Nerdy, there was no way I could pass it up. Her Perfect Game, the second book in the series, revolves around Charlie and Jonah, two computer geeks who work as well offline as on.


A wounded beast, a spirited beauty and a passion that will consume them both....Elle Daniels uses the Beauty and the Beast tale as one of the threads in the story of her new novel, He's No Prince Charming.

SCANDAL, Season 4, Episode 6

This week’s episode, “Baby Made a Mess,” opens with Olivia (Kerry Washington) tucked into bed, wearing her signature white silk robe and sipping her equally signature glass of red wine. Her cell phone dings—Fitz’s signature ringtone.

ALANNA (When Hearts Dare #2) By Kathleen Bittner Roth

Alanna takes you on a sometimes painful journey of self discovery, mystery, deceit, love and redemption. Roth’s attention to detail will pull you in immediately. The chemistry between Alanna and Wolf is undeniable.

THE MINDY PROJECT, Season 3, Episode 6

Hooray! After a short but painful break The Mindy Project is back. Danny is waiting for Mindy outside the movie theater so they can see The Godfather II. He texts asking where she’s at. Mindy assures him she’s in a cab while she’s actually still putting makeup on. They continue to go back and forth until Mindy shows up so late the movie is sold out. Danny is super upset. At work the next day, Mindy shows up long after she should have been at the office. Danny is upset Mindy is late. As being late is part of her charm Mindy doesn’t apologize. Later, Dr. Fishman comes to visit Danny in his office. After Danny tried to kill himself, Dr. Fishman wants Danny to think about going to a mental health seminar. Danny tells… Continue


Reading Valerie Bowman’s Playful Brides series is like walking into a menagerie of mishaps with twists and turns that make me shake my head and then finally sign a resounding ahhhhhh. The Accidental Countess is no exception. After recovering from his injuries from the Napoleonic war, Captain Julian Swift arrives back in England to see the woman he is supposed to be betrothed to. He has not set eyes on Penelope in many years. When he arrives at her home, he is greeted by two of her friends, who tell him that his intended is not at home, she has gone to console a friend. Lady Cassandra Monroe has already had her share of distressing moments. Cass was supposed to become the Duchess of Claringdon, but she had no intention once her friend Lucy proved… Continue