HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, Season 1, Episode 4

“Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” ABC promised that Viola Davis’ last nine words would be a shocker and they were. Perhaps not as shocking as “Which one you bitches is my mother?” (From the miniseries LACE), but ‘Murder’ certainly is not playing around.  This show is burning through plot faster than I go through a bag of Lay’s potato chips. Seriously this show just got a full-pickup for the season, so we are in for a hell of a ride if the writers keep up the pace they’ve already set.  This week’s episode not only contained some seriously hot sex, but also a suicide, so many betrayals, sex tapes, people freaking out, and the gruesome dismemberment of a corpse. The episode opens as usual with a flash forward to the night … Continued

THE MINDY PROJECT, Season 3, Episode 5

Mindy and Danny are coming back from a wedding. Mindy is driving since Danny had one two many. A cop pulls them over but Mindy isn’t worried because she’s never gotten a ticket. When the police officer approaches the car Mindy first tries lying, then starts crying to get her way out of the ticket. The officer lets her go because she reminds him of his “demented aunt.” Mindy thinks she should get a reward for getting out of a ticket. Cut to the cop coming back to the car to check if they’re okay because their car has been parked for quiet a while. Judging by Mindy’s smile and her underwear around Danny’s neck I’d say they’re more than fine. At the office, Peter is upset that his friend had to drop out of … Continued

SONS OF ANARCHY, Season 7, Episode 6

Can Sons Of Anarchy twist you up anymore? Each episode in this final season keeps on hitting us with more and more punches. What can possibly happen next? This week’s episode,”Smoke Em If YouGot Em,” proves that they are just getting started, and the final ride is in full gear. We open with Gemma walking down the side of the road. Apparently, she survived the assassination attempt. Jax and the Sons are shown looking at the destroyed Diosa. They all take a drink, and Jax says, “sorry ladies we made it right.” Wendy is shown talking to Bobby. Wendy asks what will happen now. Wendy tells Bobby he loves Jax. Bobby responds with “we all do.” Wendy admits to Bobby that she still loves Jax. Nero arrives and asks what they will do now. They … Continued

SLEEPY HOLLOW, Season 2, Episode 4

This week, we have a great IchAbbie-centric episode. Yes, Hawley, Henry, and Irving make appearances, but there is no focus on Katrina and Headless, or the new sheriff in town, or Abbie and Jenny’s past and present relationship. The storyline focuses on two buds just hanging: listening to world music, hiking in the woods, having coffee dates…okay, this is Sleepy Hollow, so things aren’t that simple, but the bulk of the story focuses on our duo, with the Apocalypse serving as a backdrop after dominating the first three episodes. The show starts off with a young girl walking out of a big house into the misty woods, but then cuts to something a bit more fun—Ichabod is learning to drive! After Abbie gives him a pep talk, he’s ready to roll: “Let us release our … Continued

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, Season 1, Episode 3

The show flashes forward to the Bonfire Night that will never die.  Only this time we get to see what happened before the Circle of Four made their pact to destroy the body. We see Annalise’s office and poor Sam’s dead body bleeding all over the expensive rug. Wes is comforting damsel in distress Rebecca but Michaela is just losing it. Girlfriend is over in a corner whimpering like a tiny child. Connor is having none of her behavior but Laurel tries to calm her down. Can we just press pause for a moment here to discuss the fact that while these law students may not have committed murder, they are definitely accessories what with the destroying of evidence and lying to law enforcement? AND IT IS ONLY THE FIRST SEMESTER PEOPLE! We flashback to … Continued

SCANDAL, Season 4, Episode 3

Just when I thought Scandal couldn’t possibly get anymore twisty, I watched last night’s episode and well… W-O-W! The episode opens with newcomer cast member, RNC chairperson, Lizzie Bear (Portia de Rossi) doing kid drop off duty at school—and rendezvousing with the head of a prominent gun lobbying group. (Can we say multi-tasking!) Also dropping off his kids, he’s none too happy about their Republican president’s sudden championing of gun control legislation. “Does your gun lobbyist badge ever come off?” she asks with a mocking smile. He assures her that these days he sleeps with it on. In a legal countermove, the pro-gun faction has engineered an appeal of the new legislation in the mostly conservative Fourth Circuit Court. Still, the outcome is less than certain. Judge Sparks, who in the past has waffled between … Continued

The Mindy Project, Episode 4

Mindy and Danny are loving their relationship. Danny is more romantic every day, giving Mindy extra apple pie, a beautiful necklace and remembering her nose hair trimmer. Just little surprises to let her know he cares. Except sometimes surprises aren’t so great. Like when during sex your boyfriend tries to get to fifth base, aka trying the backdoor, aka the ultimate form of birth control, aka visiting Margaret (okay that last one may be made up but you get the picture). Danny insists it “just slipped.” But Mindy isn’t having it. At the office, Peter and Tamra are having breakfast. Dr. Reed comes in and tries to sit at their table. Tamra tells him no way is that happening. Everyone in the office is mad at Dr. Reed for stealing Lauren from Peter. #teampeter Morgan … Continued

SONS OF ANARCHY, Season 7, Episode 5

This season is unforgettable so far. My head is still spinning from last week’s episode. I’m not sure if my heart can handle an entire season. As a dedicated fan I’ll try: the benefits outweigh the latter. With the latest episode, titled “Some Strange Eruption,” things get even bumpier. We open with Jax smoking a cigarette and taking in the Diosa aftermath. Nero asks Jax why Linn would go so far. Jax tells him he doesn’t have a reason. Nero agrees to tell Boraski what happened. Gemma is with Juice when Happy calls to tell her what happened at Diosa. Gemma tells Juice they will leave in the morning. Chibbs is with the Sheriff, both wearing towels one can only assume they had sex; he receives a call and tells her he has to go, … Continued


This week in Sleepy Hollow our characters encounter money woes, trust issues, evil lawyers, and a new, scruffalicious guy in town. All caught up on your previous recaps? Okay, let’s go! The show kicks off with Henry Parrish painting a model of the Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital—Hey, even Horsemen of the Apocalypse need a hobby, folks. Cut to the actual hospital, where Ichabod and Abbie try to visit Irving but are informed that they’ve been barred from visitation by Irving’s lawyer, a.k.a., War. Apparently, Henry’s interaction with Irving in the last episode wasn’t entirely a ruse—he’s hung up his shingle as an attorney! (“If you’re in so much trouble that you’re willing to hand over your soul, call 1-800-SIN-EATER.”)  They discover Henry is representing their friend, and instead of blowing the place open and getting Irving … Continued


This action-packed episode kicks right off with Killian drinking the poison potion Eva’s people gave him to help him get back to Freya. This potion has to kill him, and mourning Killian has no idea Freya is still alive. This is a powerful brew and it immediately hits Killian like a ton of bricks. In his stupor, he sees Freya and she realizes what he’s done and insists she’s alive, they will be together and he needs to contact Ingrid immediately if not sooner and tell her to use the lotus root elixir to lessen the effects of Killian’s poison potion. Killian is able to call Ingrid; she arrives just in time to give him some of the elixir. She leaves the bottle of elixir with instructions to take it every fifteen minutes and heads … Continued

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, Season 1, Episode 2

There was so much good stuff happening in this week’s episode, I had to watch it twice to make sure that I didn’t miss any juicy details.  While the pilot was a little slow and last week’s case was a bit of a snooze, this week’s episode more than makes up for it. The audience is in for a wild ride this season. What you thought you knew from last week is turned completely on its head.  This episode is all about lying liars who lie, and whether or not one can live with a lie. Annalise tells her class that she’s often asked whether or not she cares if her clients are guilty, and she says no. Why? Because it doesn’t matter: her clients often lie to her.  She brings up a good point, … Continued


We start with Mindy declaring that one of the best things about being a new couple is that you’re so in sync you start thinking alike. For example, when Danny asks Mindy what she’d like to do that evening: Danny would like Thai food, but Mindy would like to have sex on the washing machine. Which of course leads to Danny wanting to have sex on the washing machine. See? Same mind. The only hiccup is that while Mindy thinks now would be a great time for her to start leaving some of her things at Danny’s apartment, Danny would rather she carry all her things back and forth like she’s homeless. Mindy tries leaving a small bag of items like a hairbrush and toothbrush at Danny’s only for him to find her stash again … Continued

SONS OF ANARCHY, Season 7, Episode 4

This week’s episode, titled Poor Little Lambs, was quite an enlightening experience. I think we are getting down to the heart of it all. What the previous episodes have proven, as well as this one, is that it’s anyone’s game and anything is possible. So start your engines: the final ride continues. The episode opens with Jax in a deep conversation with the white supremacist (Marilyn Manson) in prison. Gemma drops Abel at school where his teacher (Courtney Love) is waiting. Gemma is driving her car speaking to Tara, who is obviously not there. She may be losing a few screws. Juice answers the door at the motel when Wendy and Unser show up. They decide to keep an eye on him. Jax and the sons are meeting when Lila interrupts. Tyler shows up with a problem. They need … Continued


(Note: first, I would like to issue an apology for not mentioning the confusingly hot alabaster hunk of beef that was Headless without a shirt. Honestly, he seemed so comfortable, just a headless man relaxing without the constrictions of a shirt or an axe, that I let it slide.) This episode has a slower pace than the season opener, and thank goodness for that. We need a moment to re-center ourselves in a post-Purgatory Sleepy Hollow. A lot still happens, though, because slow is a relative term in Sleepy Hollow. The show opens with headless dragging Katrina to a fiery circle where she is manacled and a creepy Henry presides over the joining of their blood, which would sanctify the union of Katrina and Headless. “You must be like him in every way,” Henry says … Continued


This episode lands us in 1848 Baltimore. Joanna, Wendy and Freya are looking for a very powerful weapon that will destroy dear old dad. Present day Joanna, Wendy and Freya have twelve hours to locate this weapon while avoiding bumping into their 1848 selves. During this jaunt back in time we are able to see Wendy and Joanna in very different roles. 1848 Joanna is upset over Victor leaving her and has decided to drown her sorrow in heroin. She’s basically a useless addict who leaves Wendy to run the brothel the sisters own. Freya and Ingrid work at the bar/brothel as well, reading tarot cards. Wendy is the level headed, take-charge sister in this era. While working in the bar, Freya meets a young writer named Edgar Allen Poe and becomes his muse. It … Continued

MASTERS OF SEX, Season Finale

Kennedy’s presidential campaign and inauguration was the backdrop to this week’s finale. It ushered in change as relationships evolved and this season ended. Six weeks have passed since the last episode. Over time, Masters and Virginia have observed what has and hasn’t worked to help Bill’s impotence. A succession of nights devoted to non-sexual touching, touching genitals but no sex, and finally sexual intercourse may have cured Masters’ sexual dysfunction. After Masters discusses the idea that he and Virginia may have cured impotence, Bill dreams he is thrown a ticker tape parade. He gets into a car with Virginia as they are hailed for their success, but the car suddenly stops when Libby appears in the middle of the road. When Masters wakes from his dream he finds Libby isn’t in her bed. Libby is … Continued


It’s no exaggeration to say that How to Get Away with Murder has been one of the most anticipated — not to mention heavily promoted — new series for fall 2014.  The city has been littered with billboards of Viola Davis looking fierce in her red leather jacket.  It was given the coveted 10 PM slot after two other series created by Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal,  creating a powerhouse line-up. Although How to Get Away with Murder was created by Peter Nowak, the show features a strong female lead, twisty plotting, and rapid pace-dialogue, all features we’ve come to know and love from Shonda Rhimes. So did the show live up to the hype? The episode started with a bang (literally) and we’re off. It’s bonfire night at a small eastern college, and … Continued

SCANDAL, Season 4 Premiere

All summer we were teased by #WhereInTheWorldIsOliviaPope splashed across beach blimps and, of course, the pop culture terrain of cyberspace.  Not since Dallas’s legendary “Who Shot JR” cliffhanger has a series kept TV viewers in such a hot and bothered state of anticipation. At the close of Scandal’s season three, DC powerhouse crisis manager, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), weary and dispirited from her on-again off-again affair with married lover, President Fitzgerald Grant—Fitz as played by Tony Goldwyn—as well as the omnipresent machinations of her terrorist mother and B613 director father (think CIA but off-book and on steroids) flies off to parts unknown with lover, Jake Ballard (Scott Foley), the Navy captain turned B613 operative and, later, its director. Repeatedly Jake has enjoined Olivia to abandon the shadows (the corruption of DC, the White House, and … Continued

THE MINDY PROJECT, Season 3, Episode 2

Mindy and Danny are having breakfast at his apartment. Mindy is recounting her dream from the night before about her jungle lover when Danny’s mom (Rhea Perlman, who played Carla on Cheers!) knocks at the door. Danny’s obviously uncomfortable with the situation. Mindy doesn’t pick up on any of the weirdness and introduces herself to Mrs. Castellano. Danny has never mentioned Mindy to his mom so Mrs. Castellano has no idea who Mindy is. In fact, Mrs. Castellano thinks Mindy is his cleaning lady and would like to know Mindy’s rates. Mindy still has no idea what’s going on and rates herself as an 8 in New York, a 10 in Chicago and a 4 in L.A. When Mrs. Castellano finally leaves, Mindy tells Danny she thinks his mom’s first visit went really well. Danny … Continued

SONS OF ANARCHY, Season 7, Episode 3

This week’s episode, “Playing With Monsters,” was perfectly titled — and one you won’t be able to forget.  Some crucial events unfolded; It’s very important to keep up because the final ride is in full throttle. We begin with the boys of sons watching a porn being filmed in their studio. Lila’s first take since she quit the business, I assume. (One of the actresses is played by real porn star Jemma Jamison.) Unser is in a deep conversation with Juice, seems that Juice needs a favor, but Unser will only help him if he points him to Tara’s killer. We find Gemma and Nero packing him up.  Gemma asks Nero if he and Jax are alright and Nero tells her they are fine. Jax meets with the Chinese about the bodies they found that … Continued

SLEEPY HOLLOW, Season Two Premiere

When last we left the Sleepy Hollow gang: Abbie was trapped in Purgatory; Jenny was bleeding out in an overturned car; Captain Irving had turned himself in for murders he didn’t commit; Henry had revealed himself to be the second Horseman of the Apocalypse, War, as well as Ichabod and Katrina’s long lost son; and Ichabod had been wrapped in vines, stuck in a wooden box, and buried alive. Oh, and Katrina has been carted off by her creepy ex, the Headless Horseman. Given that, this episode starts off with a disorienting, banal intro. Although Ichabod’s initial “Leftenant” firmly reminds us of the relationship they built in the previous season, instead of fighting demons, Abbie is holding a cupcake and wishing a supremely irritated Ichabod Crane a happy birthday (more on that in a sec). … Continued


After last week’s bombshell ending, this week’s events were far easier on my emotions and my wine/ice cream intake. Of course we start off with the hanging girls and that’s terrible enough but Joanna’s grieving and Wendy trying to be her rock is a double whammy of sad. I mean, Joanna is at such a loss, she tries to kill herself in the bathtub. She would’ve succeeded had Wendy not stepped in and saved the day. Joanna and Wendy did a remarkable job pulling us into the grief and helplessness of the situation. Add in Killian’s reaction when he barges in and finds Freya all displayed and prepared for burial and well, it’ll give you the feels, all of them. We still don’t know the full story behind Freddie’s extreme hatred of Killian but something … Continued

MASTERS OF SEX, Episode 11

This was one of my favorite episodes yet. We watched everyone struggle with how people see then versus how they want to be seen. Masters and Virginia are once again at the hotel. Virginia asks if Bill has talked to his brother since the fight. Masters’ brother left town after their argument but Bill wants to contact with him to make things better. Yeah right, I’ll believe it when I see it. Masters and Virginia talk about the last time they had sex since it was the last time Bill was able to get it up. Masters wants Virginia to tell him how it felt; he palms his erection, trying to get hard to her mild dirty talk. The camera cuts away as they move together on the bed. When it cuts back we learn … Continued

THE MINDY PROJECT, Season Three Premiere

I’m ecstatic Mindy is back! Last season ended with Mindy and Danny making out like fiends on top of the Empire State Building. This season begins with a monologue from Danny; he waxes poetic about the journey it took for him and Mindy to find each other. Until Mindy hits him and tells him to shut up so they can have sex. Mindy and Danny have both tried to be open to different things. Mindy tries cantaloupe for Danny, and Danny tries on a horrific, tight, pink polo shirt for Mindy. You know, that kind of thing. It looks like their relationship is doing awesome. At the office, Peter comes to Danny for advice. Pete heard Danny is good with his mouth. At first Danny is pleased, but it soon turns to horror when he … Continued


If the season premiere made you feel a little raw, then last night’s episode, titled “Toil And Till,” will leave you reeling. In all honesty, would you expect anything else from the show’s final season? We open with Jax in bed. He gets up to smoke a cigarette. Then the scene cuts to Juice doing the same thing. Then to Gemma sitting with Nero; Wendy walks in and greets them as Mom and Dad. Wendy asks Gemma about Abel starting pre-school. Gemma tells Wendy she knew about it from Tara. Then we see Jax riding his motorcycle with the other members. Juice take a knife and cuts Unser loose. He asks how he knew he was there. Unser just tells him he didn’t, but had a hunch. Juice tells Unser he can go and he … Continued

SLEEPY HOLLOW, A Season One Primer

Were you one of the people who saw a preview of the Fox show Sleepy Hollow and thought, “That looks like trash,” thus missing out on the most awesome show of last year? Fear not! If you haven’t had the time or inclination to watch season one, but don’t want to be stuck at the loser’s table when everyone else is swooning over IchAbbie (except for the one person who keeps insisting Katrina is the love of Ichabod’s life—nah, man): read this handy dandy guide to Sleepy Hollow, season one. If you watched season one but forgot all the crazy shiz that happened and want a refresher: read this handy dandy guide to Sleepy Hollow, season one. Because this show is wonderfully insane, there was a lot cover. This first post will recap episodes one … Continued


While this season is quickly coming to a close it’s sure going out with a bang. In this episode we have a fistfight, a cure for impotence, and an epic case of sexual harassment. We start with Frank’s wife, Pauline, having fertility treatments with Dr. Masters. She’s talking to Masters about his relationship with Frank. She wants him to know they want a family and she’s not just talking about a baby. During their conversation the lights go out in the building. Masters barrels out of the room to find Betty, he wants to know what is going on. Betty had to send the electric bill in late because they were behind on other bills. Betty tells Bill that if they don’t rent out the office space on the same floor as his practice they … Continued


** SPOILER ALERT ** I drank all of my wine and had to resort to copious amounts of ice cream to get through this episode. So much happens and not just in the last two minutes (not that the last two minutes aren’t an action-packed sucker punch to the throat!) Ok, we will start at the top. We start off with Dash in a mood. Ingrid refuses to talk to him and I’m beginning to think he might really have feelings for her, not just of the sexual variety. Dash is trashing the attic yet again in all of his rage and discovers a box of old journals and spell books. Within the pages of these books, he finds an old-timey picture of Ingrid and knows he must get to her immediately. Freddie is still … Continued

SONS OF ANARCHY, Season Seven Premiere

Welcome to the seventh and the final season of Sons Of Anarchy.  If you are still feeling raw from last season’s finale then hold on to your hats, because this episode was a doozy. The extended premiere was filled with everything we have grown to love from creator Kurt Sutter. He is an expert at keeping things under wraps from season to season.  Anything is possible and no one is safe.  This super-sized episode made that very clear! The opening scene shows us Jax in jail beating someone, with Gemma and the club caring for his boys. Unser is leaving flowers at Tara’s grave while Wendy is packing up to leave rehab. The scenes final moment is Jax carving a swastika in the man’s chest he was beating and removing a few of his teeth. … Continued


This episode kicks off in the forest. Note to all mortals: stay out of those woods people! Freddie and Tarkoff are busy cutting people up trying to find a proper host for the King. Sadly, since all of the victims are terrified and fighting the process, the transfer isn’t working. Tarkoff explains to Freddie, he needs to find a willing host, someone who trusts him. Oh poor Caroline, poor, poor, you’ll-be-dead-soon Caroline. That’s just the start of this week’s episode; stick with me, a lot of stuff is about to go down. It’s Freya’s thirtieth birthday and there will be a party and cake. I do have to say, it’s funny listening to Freya lament the fact that her life is in the dumps – turning thirty, still living at home with your mom, working … Continued