THE ROYALS Season 1, Episode 3

THE ROYALS opens this week with an explosive scene involving drugs, sex and debauchery. We learn more about Jasper’s past and his relationship with Eleanor is even more complicated. Is this lust or is there something more simmering beneath the blackmail and sex?

THE AMERICANS: Season 3, Episode 9

The episode kicks off with Elizabeth informing Hans that he may have blown his cover during their last mission together and the Centre is splitting them up. Hans does not take this info lightly and he seeks out Todd, the fella who may or may not have seen his face. Hans intends to eliminate this bump in the road but the kill shot to the face goes awry leaving Hans and Todd in a messy, bloody battle to the death...

THE MINDY PROJECT: Season 3, Episode 21

With the fate of season four up in the air, the season finale of THE MINDY PROJECT left us hoping for a happily ever after as season three comes to an end.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Season 4, Episode 16

For those who are fans of The Little Mermaid, our tale begins with the sound of a beautiful woman singing; a tune very similar to that of which Ariel sings when she is giving her voice to Ursula in the famous Disney animated movie. Captain Hook is harping on his men to get them back to Neverland, Smee at the ships helm. Then Hook and his men stop their tasks after hearing that stunning voice, but then the sound abruptly ends before they crash into a grouping of rocks. Smee asks the Captain what they heard. His answer, “The most dangerous creature in all the seas; a mermaid.”

SCANDAL: Season 4, Episode 16

Did you catch Lena Dunham's guest appearance on SCANDAL last night? We have all the (kinky) details in our own Scandalicious recap.

THE AMERICANS: Season 3, Episode 8

This week’s episode picks up exactly where we left off last week, with Philip, Elizabeth, and Reuben finding a safe house to interrogate Eugene Venter and Todd, his college aged minion. Philip, with is crazy 80s punk rock wig (and is that guyliner I see?) and Reuben take on Venter with a little good cop/bad cop scenario while Elizabeth (with a sassy pixie cut wig) tackles the fortress that is Todd.

THE MINDY PROJECT: Season 3, Episode 20

Danny and Mindy are having breakfast when they get an invitation from Peter to attend his wedding. Wow, so I guess a lot has happened since last time we saw Peter and he was pretty much stalking Lauren. The wedding will be talking place at Lauren’s family’s “inhuman but profitable” cattle ranch...

ONCE UPON A TIME: Season 4, Episode 15

With her best bad girl face, Regina proclaims she has been forced in her good role to survive, and now she wants revenge on those that took her happy ending. Maleficent, the clear leader of the new group, leaves her seat and confronts Regina...

THE ROYALS: Season 1, Episode 1

Did you catch the premiere of THE ROYALS last night? Jess Moro did, and she's here with all the scandalous details...

SCANDAL: Season 4, Episode 15

We kick things off this week with potential VP Susan. Chosen because she will pose little threat to Mellie’s eventual presidential run, dopey Susan might just be a stronger candidate than anyone realized. The prep process to make Susan A) camera-ready and B) confirmation hearing-ready is brutal and eye opening...

HINDSIGHT: Season Finale

The season finale opens with a shocker as Lolly witnesses a rooftop kiss between Becca and Kevin. Par to the course of fate, Lolly leaves the apartment and vows to never speak to Becca again.

ONCE UPON A TIME: Season 4, Episode 14

We begin our tale after a nightmare involving Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella; Mary Margaret voices her fears to David, worried about the three evil ladies finding out about what they did. But what did they do?

SCANDAL: Season 4, Episode 14

Shonda Rhimes is notorious for pulling stories from the headlines. Last night’s episode, “The Lawn Chair,” was an emotional heart-stopper. It was an almost too soon but definitely necessary Ferguson-esque story. An unarmed black teenaged boy was shot in the street by a white cop on his beat in an impoverished neighborhood just minutes from the White House. The teen’s father, excellently portrayed by veteran actor, Courtney B. Vance shows up on the scene, shot gun in hand, demanding justice for his son. Olivia Pope is there to diffuse the situation for the DC Police Department.

THE AMERICANS: Season 3, Episode 6

Every week I sit and watch it thinking, this show is moving kinda’ slow, not much is really happening and then I hit the 45 minute commercial break part and realize I’ve not exhaled since it started and my notes are jibberish because I can’t seem to look away...

THE MINDY PROJECT: Season 3, Episode 18

Mindy is making great progress with the actual building of her new fertility clinic, but she’s having problems getting patients. Even stalking celebrities at book signings (cameo by Kris Jenner!) isn’t helping...

ONCE UPON A TIME: Season 4, Episode 13

We welcome Raven Presley to R@R with her new weekly recaps of this season of ONCE UPON A TIME: "Before we begin our tale, first let us briefly remember the story of Elsa and Anna of Arrendale. In the beginning of season 4, we are introduced to all our favorite Frozen characters, and a wonderful addition, the Snow Queen Princess Ingrid. Over the next 12 episodes, Once Upon a Time brings us on a journey into the past and present of the kingdom of Arrendale and all the inhabitants. Every week we were introduced to the story of a different beloved character, and how everyone in Storybrooke has a tie that leads to Arrendale."

DOWNTON ABBEY, Season 5 Finale

This week’s DOWNTON ABBEY was chock-full of holiday goodness, resolving most of the major storylines of the season. There were castles, hot men, reconciliations, the comeuppance of Lord Sinderby, drunken Lord Grantham, flirting, a stupid fight over chicken broth, ending with a surprise marriage proposal...


This was a two hour, jam-packed season finale of craziness, incredibly bad decisions, and reality checks. We finally learn who killed Lila Stanguard but before we learn who did the deed...

THE AMERICANS: Season 3, Episode 5

Scandal is here with her weekly recap of THE AMERICANS. This week, it seems spy life is finally catching up with Philip. "As much as I love how strong Elizabeth is, I think Philip and his seemingly insurmountable struggles, is my favorite character. That poor man breaks my heart."
Agent Carter

AGENT CARTER, Season Finale

Elizabeth K. Mahon is here with her recap of the AGENT CARTER season finale: "It was a great season. It started off a little slow but it picked up steam as it went along. TV needs more women like Peggy Carter, smart and independent, capable of taking care of themselves. Oh, and Jarvis, we definitely need more Jarvis..."

THE MINDY PROJECT, Season 3, Episode 17

Danny has started to resemble a helicopter mom and is hovering over Mindy telling her not to stand too close to the microwave or drink coffee. He also wants Mindy to start eating healthy. But Mindy finally has a reason to eat for two and she’s not going to let it go to waste...

SLEEPY HOLLOW, Season Finale

The show opens with a nice war montage: shots being prepared, guns being loaded. An epic Revolutionary War fight scene plays out, with Ichabod being a bad ass and busting Redcoats in the face as he searches for the Hessian with a mark on his hand. This is somewhat familiar, as it’s a throwback to the shows first episode. A lot of this final episode of the season (and perhaps of the series?) goes back to the original well, both as a love letter to the fans and as a way of starting from scratch...

DOWNTON ABBEY: Season 5, Episode 8

Rose and Atticus are getting married! Yes, those two crazy kids, who hardly know each and who only got engaged last episode, are tying the knot. The bride’s mother and the bridegroom’s father don’t approve of the marriage, the bride’s parents are broke and getting a divorce, the servants are running amok, there’s an awkward dinner party, the word shiksa is bandied about, and someone gets arrested. Why it’s just an average, everyday wedding but with posh people...

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, Season 1, Episode 13

This week’s episode was filled with so many OMG moments, including a master class in acting from Viola Davis and Cicely Tyson. From the moment that Cicely Tyson walked into the offices of Keating and Associates with her pink, knitted hat, telling Frank and Bonnie “Don’t you recognize a VIP when you see one?” you knew that you were in for one hell of a ride...

SCANDAL, Season 4, Episode13

And the winner of the Olivia Pope auction is…Iran. All sorts of people who care about Liv go to their dark place when this goes down, but at the drop-off Liv saves herself. Of course she can speak Farsi. I’ve taken to referring to her captors as Dumb & Dumber because these dudes are way out of their depth with this stunt. Back to the dark net so the bidding can resume...