Cops Are the Ultimate Alpha Heroes in Virna DePaul’s New Erotic Series

Cops Are the Ultimate Alpha Heroes in Virna DePaul’s New Erotic Series

Actors aren’t the only ones adept at wearing a professional mask. As a criminal prosecutor, I had mine and I worked with many cops who certainly had theirs. Cool. Calm. Solid and dependable. A cop protects others, so he needs to project all these things. However, many cops give off a sexy vibe without even trying. What is it about a “man in blue” that’s so darn intoxicating?

There’s the uniform, sure. The handcuffs. The gun. But there’s also the confidence. The authority. Everyday, cops must overcome dangers that would terrify average citizens. This knowledge naturally lends itself to fantasies of meeting a man who is intuitive enough to know what a woman wants, dominant enough to give it to her despite her own inhibitions and insecurities, and gentle enough to cater to her heart and soul as well as her body.

My upcoming erotic romance anthology, Arrested by Love, is about three cops who dare to reveal who they are behind their masks. They are men who feel deeply, love passionately, and willingly lower their defenses for the women they love. In turn, the heroines in these stories are wounded and hesitant to give in to their darkest desires, but ultimately they find the courage and strength to do so. They recognize that when a man is brave enough to put himself in daily danger in order to protect those he doesn’t even know, and is committed enough to doing whatever it takes to satisfy his woman in bed, that man is worth taking a chance on.

According to New York Times Bestselling Author Julie Kenner, “As far as alpha males go, not much beats a cop. And the three hot, sexy cops in Virna DePaul’s dangerously delicious erotic romance Arrested by Love push all the rights buttons. Strong, capable and commanding, these guys are hot (as are the stories!), but the way DePaul has depicted them—with strength balanced by tenderness and devotion to the women who steal their hearts—will absolutely sweep you away.”

So who are the sexy cops you’re going to meet in Arrested by Love? In Copping To It, Ty infiltrates a motorcycle gang in order to avenge a fellow cop and is unexpectedly reunited with Claire, a good girl longing to be bad in the best ways possible. In Cop Appeal, Luke is determined to claim the woman he lost ten years ago; that means proving Sarah’s not the sure thing but he is. And in Copping Attitude, Noah is an internal affairs cop who helps Jenna rediscover her sexuality with equal amounts strength and gentleness.

My readers know to expect sexy stories from me, but the heat in these stories is super-charged. I pushed my own boundaries to write them and I hope you’ll give them a try. After all, some of the best romances and most well deserved happy endings involve cops.

A national bestselling author, Virna writes paranormal and romantic suspense stories for Random House, HQN and the Harlequin Romantic Suspense line. In addition, Virna has published several bestselling indie books, including Bedding The Wrong Brother. All of her books encourage individuals to “brave the darkness and discover the light.” She loves to hear from readers!

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