Countdown – 4 Days away to release, Ruthie’s outtakes + Giveaway!

Countdown – 4 Days away to release, Ruthie’s outtakes + Giveaway!
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Brought to you by, author, RUTHIE KNOXcheck out Ruthie’s site for her series of outtakes!

Release day for Ride with Me is only four days off, so I’ve decided to share a few outtakes from the book. Some of this stuff made it into the final version, some didn’t . . . but you’ll just have to wait and see what’s what! These little snippets should give you a good idea of Lexie’s and Tom’s personalities. Happy reading!

Lexie and her brother, James, are in an Oregon hotel room, talking as Lexie packs for her adventure on the TransAmerica Trail. This scene got cut from the final version of the manuscript.

What did worry her was that Tom Geiger had no idea she was a woman.

At first, it had been an honest mistake. Her full name was Alexandra Mitchell, and her parents had always called her Alex; she was Lexie to James and her friends. So when she’d set up the account to receive replies from the Companion Wanted ad, she’d done it as “TransAmAlex.” Only after the e-mails started coming in did she realize that the men who were writing all assumed Alex was one of the boys.

Hating to be dishonest, she’d actually put up a new ad that identified her as a twenty-nine-year-old woman. But surprise, surprise: nobody answered it. Apparently, the fifty-something wives of the nation’s intrepid adventurers didn’t want their husbands crossing the country with a hot young thing.

Never one to bow to sexism, even when it came along in such a bizarre guise, Lexie had simply gone back to the first pool of replies and hooked up with Tom Geiger, quietly letting him assume whatever he wanted to about her age and sex. He’d figure it out soon enough. But by then, they’d be packed up and ready to ride, and it would be too late for him to back out.

No need to tell James that. Her family was worried enough as it was.

She stood up and nudged her brother with her foot. “Help me shove this stuff in my bag, Jimbo. Then you can go home to the little wifey.”

He stood up and stretched lazily. “If you call me Jimbo one more time, I walk.”

She gave him a one-armed hug. “Aww, you don’t mean that. You love it when I call you Jimbo. You always have.”

Smiling, he showed her the middle fingers of both hands. Then they started to pack.


Tom wiped the grease off his hand and answered the shop phone.

“I found you somebody,” his sister said.

“What are you talking about?”

Want more? Tune in again tomorrow for another mini-outtake from Ride with Me—or preorder the book to get it delivered to your e-reader on February 13 (just $2.99)!

Comment & be eligible to win a FREE print copy of RIDE WITH ME – only ONE winner will be randomly chosen from Ruthie’s five posts that lead up to her release date of 2/13/2012 – Good Luck! Winner will be announced on 2/14/2012 – how, apropos!

Lisa Hutson (commenter #12 on post #3) has won a free paper copy of RIDE WITH ME. Please send an e-mail to with your snail mail address and the subject line RIDE WITH ME WINNER.

Thanks everyone for joining in for the outtakes! It was fun to count down to release day with you all.


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