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The Boys of Summer are hot – author Katie Rose launches a new contemporary sports series featuring Chase Westbrook of the Sonics baseball league, I’d say she’s got a home run!

Katie Rose

From the author:

It’s all my daughter’s fault.

I admit, I was not a sports fan. I was a book nerd in school, never participating in volleyball, basketball, or even soccer. I had two left feet, and two left arms. I was used to being the last called for any team, which suited me just fine. I much preferred to sit on the sidelines and talk with my friends about my latest crush instead of being on a field and being crushed.

But my ex-husband was a diehard fan of any Philadelphia sport ever invented. He loved the Phillies, the Flyers, the Eagles. . .you name it. It seemed there was something on TV every night since the hockey season barely ended when baseball began. I remember going on a romantic weekend with him in New England, and he was listening to the Flyers game in French (needless to say, he didn’t speak French!)

And when my daughter was born, they had to pull him from the waiting room because the Flyers were in the middle of a playoff game. She forgave him because she looked up the game years later and realized it was an important one.

So when my husband and I were no longer together and she wanted to go to a baseball game, she had to drag me kicking and screaming. And for the first half hour or so, I was lost. I didn’t get the rules, didn’t understand the significance of the double play, or the excitement when Rollins got a leadoff hit.

But what I did get right away was: these guys were hot. I was a historical romance writer, and no knight in shining armor had anything on these players. Each was more handsome than the next, more talented, and when I got to know them better, funnier. They had character. I saw it in the way they played, heard it when they were interviewed by the press, and witnessed it firsthand when I attended one of their charity events.

I was hooked. And as my daughter patiently explained to me the pitching strategy, the calls, and what a balk is (I’m still not 100% on that one), my infatuation became love. And it was there, while we were in the stands eating crab fries and drinking a cold beer that the idea for THE BOYS OF SUMMER series was born.

I hope you enjoy reading about the New Jersey Sonics as much as I did creating them. I believe female fans are much more common now than in the past, especially when I see the stands packed with women of all ages.

So just wondering: are you a baseball fan? Which team? And do you get a little teary-eyed when you hear Take Me Out to the Ballgame or God Bless America? And most of all, what player do you think is HOT?

Gotta run. It’s opening day!

Katie Rose

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