Decoder Rings . . . . everyone has one, what’s yours? + Giveaway

Decoder Rings . . . . everyone has one, what’s yours? + Giveaway

Ah yes, the secret decoder ring – they can be jeweled, encrypted, large or small — they all have their purpose, it can be deadly . . . or beneficial in espionage . . . or, like my jeweled trinket to the left here, just for fun!

James Bond, Jack Reacher, Ethan Hunt, The Green Hornet — all had decoder items of some sort whether they were rings or some other super techie gizmo. green hornet

One can only assume the concept of a decoder ring was developed by a mystery novelist back in the 1700’s or earlier — in fact, Wikipedia states: A secret decoder ring (or secret decoder) is a device which allows one to decode a simple substitution cipher – or to encrypt a message by working in the opposite direction. [1]As inexpensive toys . . . (and so on).

They further say that decoder types of items were found to have been around as early as the 1500’s!

Whatever the time frame one can assume decoder rings were all for play . . . right? The CIA is not distributing arsenic dipped jewels to their staff for use during interrogations . . . right?

If you could create your own decoder ring, what would it do? How would it be used?

My secret decoder ring would be a talking GPS — I find myself always in need of good directions!


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