DEEPLY IN YOU by Sharon Page

DEEPLY IN YOU by Sharon Page
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DEEPLY IN YOU is a welcome return for fans of Sharon Page, who have been waiting eagerly for her next Regency erotic romance. This is the first book in her new Wicked Dukes series.

Helena Winsome works as a governess to the niece and nephews of Damian Caldwell, the fifth Duke of Greybrooke, in order to save her family from financial ruin. She also writes a gossip column for her half-brother’s newspaper under the pen name Lady X, and the duke provides the perfect fodder for it. Grey, as he is known, has a scandalous reputation of loving and leaving women, one encounter which Helena sees for herself. But this allows her the chance to actually meet him, because she has been assigned by an emissary of the Crown the task of discovering whether he is a traitor. An innocent, Helena is drawn to him, which Grey instantly realizes and takes it upon himself to offer her the chance to become his mistress and teach her about sex and the erotic arts.

Page writes the most sensual heroes, and the Duke of Greybrooke is no exception. When Helena encounters him in Hyde Park, this is how she sees him:

“Greybrooke rode like a god. He lifted off the saddle, supported on his strong legs, his thighs bulging in riding breeches. His tail coat flew out behind him, his hat firmly on his head, and he looked every inch the duke.”

How could Helena possibly turn down an offer like this when Grey propositions her to be his mistress?

“You are luscious, you know. No matter how severe and horrible your dress, I can detect the beautiful curves beneath. Your body was made for sex. To deny it is more than just sinful—it’s a crying shame.”

Both of them are hiding secrets from the other. Once Helena becomes his mistress, it becomes more difficult for her to perform the task she was originally assigned to do:

“She wanted to forget she must lie to him and search his journal, read his private thoughts. Forget she was supposed to capture this man. This was sexual pleasure and intimacy, and it was so intense and sweet she knew she needed more. Another few minutes of hot, damp bliss. Or an hour. Or a night.”

While I wholly enjoyed DEEPLY IN YOU, my one wish is that the correspondence Helena and the Duke of Greybrooke exchanged had been shared with the reader. But I suppose some characters deserve to keep some secrets from the reader as well as from between themselves.

DEEPLY IN YOU (THE WICKED DUKES #1) by Sharon Page Kensington/ June 24


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