Defining Sexy Heroes, oh, this is fun!

Defining Sexy Heroes, oh, this is fun!
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What type of hero gets your engine roaring? Is it a vampire with cold hands and a wicked protective streak? Or do you prefer kilt-wearing Highlanders who fiercely wield their swords during the day and their…bigger swords…at night? Fun post by Kristin Miller – enjoy!

Since readers vary so much in taste, is it possible to pin down a definition of “sexy”? And if not, how do you write a hero who appeals to everyone?

I took my questions to the internet. defines “sexy” as: sexually interesting and excitingly appealing.

Simple, right?

Yeah, it’s simple…but it’s subjective and doesn’t give a single quality to consider. What one woman finds sexy another may not. While some women may find the rogue, troublesome romantic in Legends of the Fall (played by Brad Pitt) sexy as hell, there might be others who prefer to drool over the dark-eyed, guitar-playing gypsy in Chocolat (played by Johnny Depp). Don’t forget the sweet and innocent hero or the down and dirty bad boy, either. (How could we?)

Since I knew I wasn’t going to be able to come up with a definition I could settle on, I looked at the qualities of sexy heroes to try and nail down a formula for creating one.

Sexy can be charismatic and intelligent (ie: Tony Stark in Iron Man, Indiana Jones) or tough as nails and kick ass (ie: Thor, Batman, Dom from Fast and Furious). Sexy can be quiet and introverted (ie: William Thacker from Notting Hill) or the life of the party (ie: Joel Goodson from Risky Business).

The more I researched this topic, the more I realized there is no perfect hero and we may never agree on which hero is sexier in any given book or its series. Likewise, there is no one way to write a hero that will excite everyone in the same way.

All you can do is write a hero that appeals to you and hope that it comes across on the page.

In my upcoming release from Harlequin Cravings, Forbidden by Fate, I certainly worked to create a hero that embodies my definition of sexy. I hope you find him in the same, sizzling light.

What qualities do you find sexy? And if you have trouble pinpointing the specific qualities, which heroes from books or movies embody your idea of what sexy is or should be? 5 commenters every week win a free book – randomly chosen and announced on Sunday – good luck!

About Kristin’s Book:

Dragon shifter Damon Frost has been banned from stepping foot onto Were land after sharing a night of pleasure with Sasha Moore, heir to the Were throne. Since then, he’s been waiting for the opportunity to return and claim her once again—until a territory dispute finally Kristin Millerreunites him with his werewolf princess. Damon plans to use every minute with Sasha to remind her of the passion they shared—a fire he’s determined to reignite.

With their desire impossible to resist, Damon and Sasha indulge in a night of illicit ecstasy. But will it be enough to satisfy their lust? Or will their forbidden love start a war between their clans?
Care to dive into the Isle of Feralon—the world of shifters? I promise there are heroes of every type and enough excitement to go around.

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Kristin Miller writes the dark and sexy Vampires of Crimson Bay series for HarperCollins/Avon (INTERVAMPTION, VAMPED UP and LAST VAMP STANDING-Aug 2012) and fantasy/paranormal romances on the Isle of Feralon for Harlequin (CLAIMED BY DESIRE and FORBIDDEN BY FATE-July 2012). When she’s not plotting a way to kill her fictional darlings, she’s busy raising two children of her own in Northern California with her devilishly sexy Alpha-male husband.Krisitn Miller

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