Winners Announced!! – Sally Eggert, author of In the Dark ponders Ethics vs. Loyalty + #Giveaway

Winners Announced!! – Sally Eggert, author of In the Dark ponders Ethics vs. Loyalty  + #Giveaway
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In my novel In the Dark, the main character, Josie, thinks she knows what matters most to her until one terrible night comes along and changes everything. Before then, she thought that love and loyalty would always trump everything else, and that she would always know who she could count on. After that night, she finds herself unable to trust anyone for a long time. She feels let down and betrayed by someone she once loved, and in the absence of the sense of emotional security she has lost, she falls back on a rigid set of streetwise rules, and a strong sense of self-preservation. When someone she is beginning to warm to—Johnny—turns out to be on the wrong side of the law, she knows what she has to do, as little as she likes the idea of getting involved. She feels she has to report him to the authorities, and do whatever she can to help them prevent the crime Johnny’s about to commit.

But as sure as she is of the right and wrong of the situation, and as certain as she is that it’s more important to stick with her principles than to stand by Johnny, Josie soon begins to wrestle with the decision as her relationship with him deepens. She hates what he’s doing, but the more she grows to care about him, the more she hates the idea of seeing him get into trouble. This is a situation I suspect we all hope to avoid in real life. What a horrible feeling—to see someone you love do something you both know is wrong. I guess it’s partly the disillusionment about someone you want to think well of. Maybe there’s an element of vicarious guilt, or a sense of complicity. But maybe it’s mostly that we don’t want someone we care about to get into trouble, and if they do, we really don’t want to have to be the one to turn them in.

For most of us, how we’d handle something like that would probably depend on how much harm our friend was about to do, and how we felt about the law he was planning to break and the authorities he would face if he got caught. I doubt any of us would consider turning someone in for breaking a law we thought was unjust or unimportant, or to authorities we believed were corrupt. But in Josie’s case, hundreds, potentially thousands of people, most of them teenagers, could end up in the hospital, or even dead. She can’t imagine standing back and letting that happen. But where is the threshold?

I think a strong argument can be made that a good friend is not the person who helps you hide the body—a good friend is the person who talks you out of committing the murder in the first place. But what about the friend who tried and failed to prevent the crime? I doubt that argument would make them feel any better when it came time to call the police.

What about you? What would it take for you to be willing to report someone you loved to the authorities?

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About the Book:
A woman drawn into a dangerous game. A man who may not be what he seems. Passion raises the stakes in Sally Eggert’s electrifying novel of deception and desire.

Josie Nielsen’s anonymous life as a bartender is a world away from her classified job at a covert agency—and the terrifying night she was almost killed for her country’s secrets. That was the night Josie found out the hard way that no one had her back, especially not the man she thought she loved. But she’s pulled back in when her new boyfriend becomes the target of a government drug sting.

A sexy, laid-back barfly, Johnny Boyer is the kind of guy Josie can count on . . . to disappear before things get too complicated. But after she learns that Johnny is part of a major international trafficking operation, Josie can’t let him out of her sight. And yet even as she plunges into the mortal danger that surrounds Johnny, her attraction to him burns hotter than ever. She just isn’t sure whether she’s falling for a ruthless, cold-blooded criminal or the only man she’s ever met worth trusting with her life.

Advance praise for In the Dark

“Raw emotion pulled me deep into the heart of Sally Eggert’s story and the suspense held me captive.”—New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Patricia Rosemoor

“Sally Eggert deftly blends suspense and emotion to pull you in from the first page.”—New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin

“Deception, intrigue, and romance . . . Sally Eggert’s In the Dark has it all!”—Tina Wainscott, bestselling author of Unforgivable and the Justiss Alliance series

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