Evangelistic About Books, from Lisa + Giveaway!

Evangelistic About Books, from Lisa + Giveaway!
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Evangelistic About Books

When Sue Grimshaw invited me to blog about booksellers today, I couldn’t stop grinning. Seriously, I had a permanent smile on my face.


Because I love books. And I think we, the readers, are all booksellers. In fact, I think we’re the best booksellers on earth. Better than a brick and mortar store? Better than Amazon?

You bet!

Have you ever finished a book and immediately told everyone you know to go read it? When I find a new book, or series, or author that writes a fabulous story with characters I wish I could invite over to my house for a barbecue, I tell people.

In fact, I get downright evangelical about books I love.

I just got back this week from the RWA National Conference in New York, and while I did my share of pitching my new werewolf series, and promoting my upcoming release, I spent just as much time recommending Kelley Armstrong’s Darkest Powers YA series. I love those books and I love talking about them. I even got my daughter hooked on them and she in turn has passed them on to friends.

Earlier this year, I visited Europe for the first time, and brought along Teresa Medeiros’ Goodnight Tweetheart in my Kindle. I loved it so much that I wrote a review and interviewed Teresa on Sue Grimshaw’s Borders blog! I also buzzed about it so much at home, that my Mom and husband both read it as well.

And then there’s Goodreads.

Have you been over there yet? What a fun place to talk about books! I have found more new authors and great books over there just by meeting other readers and seeing what they’re excited about. For instance, have you caught Jeri Smith-Ready’s Shade series? Soooo Good! I’ve been busy lately recommending that series as well.

As a writer myself, I enjoy grabbing books by fellow writers I know, and helping to spread the word about their releases. Sherrilyn Kenyon really hit home during her speech at RWA National when she reminded everyone that there is room for all of us on the best seller lists. While other competitive industries claw their way to the top, we’re lucky to be able to support many authors in a genre that offers love and happy endings.

Are we lucky or what?

As a reader, there’s nothing better than finishing a book I can’t wait to convince everyone to buy, and as a writer, I hope to inspire readers to tell their friends about my book. Now that my first novel is about to hit the bookshelves, I’ve been over-the-moon excited by the readers who have reached out to me, anxious to read the series. I pinch myself daily! LOL

So what about you? Do you ever turn into a walking bookseller? What have you read lately that has you buzzing, and which books are coming up that you can’t wait to read?

I’d love to hear!

Reminder – 5 chosen commenter’s will receive a FREE book every week — winners posted on Sunday – good luck!!

Lisa’s first novel, Night Walker, is being released on August 2nd in paperback and eBook formats from Entangled Publishing.

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