Guest Post from Emily March: Every once in a while, a girl needs to fantasize about James Bond.

Guest Post from Emily March: Every once in a while, a girl needs to fantasize about James Bond.
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When I started writing my Eternity Springs series, I set out to write characters who readers feel like they know, characters they’d like to have as friends in real life. Based on reader mail and social media posts, I succeeded. The Callahans, the Timberlakes, the Murphys, and the Raffertys are next-door neighbor kind of people–nice, decent people with ordinary lives and everyday problems.

Jack Davenport, the hero in NIGHTINGALE WAY, is different.

Jack is the mystery man of Eternity Springs, a character who is larger than life. He’s wealthy, secretive, tall, dark and dangerous—one of those characters who is simply fun to write. Jack is a CIA operative, a spy, a secret agent man.

See, every once in a while, a girl needs to fantasize about James Bond.

Recently in an interview about NIGHTINGALE WAY, I was asked to name my favorite movie star spies. Well, in my considered opinion, when it comes to the secret agent genre you just don’t get any more exciting than James Bond. And more specifically James Bond as played by Sean Connery. Daniel Craig is a close second, but (and I know that there will be dissension in the ranks for this comment), I definitely wasn’t a Timothy Dalton/Pierce Brosnan/Roger Moore fan.

Sean Connery as James oozed confidence and sensuality. I really believed that he could drive any vehicle, shoot any gun, woo any gorgeous lady. For years I had to content myself with re-watching GOLDFINGER and DR. NO, waiting for the day when a new charming actor would fill the shoes of James Bond and fill out a tuxedo in a way that made me whimper with joy.

I admit that when Daniel Craig was cast as James Bond, I was skeptical. He just looked like another pretty face, an actor that pursed his lips whenever he was asked a probing interview question. Then I watched CASINO ROYALE. My oh my. Please, James, purse those lips all over me.

Like I said, every once in awhile, a girl needs a little secret agent in her life.

For me, James Bond films are like a sinfully delicious piece of chocolate. You enjoy the heck out of it while you’re eating it, and afterwards, you have the faint and wonderful memory of calories well spent. I have the ability to watch a James Bond film and promptly forget every plot point, every character nuance. I just bask in the afterglow of a fun time – a time filled with beautiful women pleasured by a rakish and handsome man with some action scenes and fast cars thrown in for flavor.

The only other action hero who has ever come close to my heart is Jason Bourne. Perhaps it was because my heart was ready for a new action hero. We were still mucking our way through the Pierce Brosnan phase of James Bond, and I needed somebody to love. In floated Jason Bourne, shot in the back and with no memory. Who doesn’t love a man with no memory? You could just tell him that all men are careful to put the seat down and they make four course dinners for their ladies, after which they clean the kitchen and take out the trash. Possibly the perfect hero.

And then in walked James Bond. Right in the middle of the Bourne series, CASINO ROYALE came out and I was hooked again. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have no clue what happened in Daniel Craig’s second outing as Bond. QUANTUM OF SOLACE had a twisty plot and a title that left me furrowing my brow. But, on the upside, James Bond himself was just as enthralling as ever. So, believe me when I say that I’ll be in line to see SKYFALL when it comes out, and every other James Bond film up to the point that Zac Efron is cast in the role. I have to draw the line somewhere.

James Bond. He is the quintessential secret agent man, and I love him for it, but as a romance reader, I admit I get tired of Bond girls. I think it’s time to make that a singular. Bond Girl. Bond Love-of-His-Life.

Readers, meet Jack Davenport and his Davenport Girl, Cat Blackburn. The love of his life who he lost—for a time. But, of course, my secret agents never lose forever…and wait until you see how Jack can purse his lips.

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Emily March lives in Texas with her husband and their beloved boxer, Doc, who tolerates a revolving doggie door of rescue foster dogs sharing his kingdom until they find their forever homes. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Emily is an avid fan of Aggie sports, and her recipe for jalapeño relish has made her a tailgating legend.

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