EXCLUSIVE: Sexy CLAIMED POV switch featuring Aidan & Cora

EXCLUSIVE: Sexy CLAIMED POV switch featuring Aidan & Cora
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The following entry is intended for mature audiences only. 


In my newest release, BARED, we are introduced to the wonderfully erotic world of CLUB SIN. Today we have a treat for you. In CLAIMED, the first book in the CLUB SIN series, there is a brief dungeon scene that Presley witnesses of her friend Cora and Cora’s Dom, Aidan – the hero and heroine in BARED. We thought it’d be fun if we got a look at that scene through the eyes of the Dom who lived it, Master Aidan! 



The soft rock music drifted over Aidan as he regarded his submissive, Cora. Restrained with a red ball in her mouth and a leather strap around her head, she sat with her back pressed against the dungeon’s wall. Her legs were spread wide and bound with ropes holding her in place. Sitting on a stool a few feet away from her, Aidan studied her flushed cheeks and grinned. The note he’d placed on her chest beneath the ropes holding her read, SPANK ME.

He watched as one by one Doms walked up to Cora and swatted her with the flat of their hand. Some hit along Cora’s thighs, a couple right on her calves, and a few lifted her up and hit her bottom. The little sub was being pushed tonight. Aidan relished watching her heat so beautifully under the hands of Club Sin’s many Doms.

Drenched in sweat, Cora’s normally perfect long, dark hair was stuck to her forehead. A spotlight highlighted her as tonight’s feature entertainment.  Her sex glistened under the bright light showing Aidan and the other members of the club that she was more than ready for what Aidan planned next.

Tonight Cora had given him a pathetic excuse for an orgasm. Perhaps she was too much in her head and she wasn’t as into it as she usually was. Either way that reaction was inexcusable. A woman he’d played with for two years now didn’t give him weak orgasms, and he’d prove that tonight.

She stirred as her body climbed the highest peaks of pleasure; partly because she was put on display in front of the Club Sin members. He smiled. Oh, the plans he had tonight.

His gaze filled itself with Cora as she burned in her desire. Her lips around the ball were relaxed, not struggling as she inhaled short breaths through her nose. She was struggling to hold back her release and it was time. Aidan had seen enough of others touching his submissive for the night.

She belonged to him.

He rose from the stool and approached as Master Miles delivered five hard swats on the side of her thigh, leaving it bright red. As Miles backed away Aidan settled himself in front of her. Cora’s eyes were glassy, dazed, as he dropped his pants and kicked them off. He grasped his rigid cock and sheathed himself in a condom.

Lowering to his knees, he settled in between her spread thighs and rested his hard cock on her hot sex. “This is what I expect you to look like before I fuck you, Cora.”

She blinked twice, need swirling in the depths of her eyes. Lust had her in its grip now and she was fighting to be in the here and now.

An overt need to possess her stormed him, and he yanked the note out from the ropes tossing it aside. Then he pushed his hard length inside of Cora, thrusting unforgivingly. It came as no surprise when Cora’s eyes widened, and her screams sounded harsh around the ball. He rested his hands against her thighs, pressing her legs back against her and opening her up nice and wide.

He pumped into her and held her gaze. “This is how you should come for me.”

She breathed deeply through her nose. He grinned, seeing her hold tenuously to her control as she waited for his verbal command to orgasm. Her nostrils flared; her pretty eyes lost in pleasure.


Her sex squeezed him like a vise and heat soared up his body. Their scene had aroused her but he’d been driven to near madness. Apparently, he enjoyed watching Cora being smacked by others. Or maybe it was jealously that rode his back, fighting his lust for dominance. He reached up and unlatched the leather on her head, letting the red ball fall from her mouth, then he growled, “Come now, and you’d best impress me.”

At his order she let herself go. Her eyes squeezed shut and her body quivered as her screams rang throughout the dungeon. Then his control became lost as he allowed his climax to consume him, bringing him into pleasure right alongside her.

She crashed, quivering in aftershocks.

He brushed the sweaty hair away from her face, trembling from his release. “That is how you come, Cora. Always.”

“Yes, sir,” she exhaled.

He smiled and pressed a soft kiss against her cheek. “That’s my girl.”


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