Fan Fiction — what do you think? + Giveaway!!

Fan Fiction — what do you think? + Giveaway!!

Fan Fiction : a fictional account written by a fan of a show, movie, book, or video game to explore themes and ideas that will not or cannot be explored via the originating medium, typically written by fans.
I’m not sure when this trend really began but it seems to be more and more of a thing these days. Harry Potter has over 74000 Fan Fiction novels based on the popular series – Star Trek is a huge venue for this type of story telling as well . . . Anime characters seem to propel their fans to write about other aspects of those stories too. Typically, they are written for fun but some are real stories that these fans are hoping to publish.

Interesting is it not? I think about books, or movies that I’ve seen that I’d like to or would have an interest in reading more about . . . Lord of the Rings is one story that I’d love to read more about, maybe involving characters that did not play a huge part in the story.

Although I’ve not seen the TWILIGHT movie, from what I hear there is a lot of buzz around extending that series or taking characters of the books in other directions – like what if she ended up with the wolf & not the vampire???

But what I’d really like someone to write about is Outlander — more about Jamie and Claire, or, better yet, what if it was me that fell through those stones *grins*

So — what about you? What book, movie, TV show have you read and enjoyed in Fan Fiction, or if you’ve never read Fan Fiction, what would you like someone to write Fan Fiction about? remember, every week 5 commenters are randomly chosen for a free book – winners announced on Sunday!

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