Finding the Love (and Laughs!) In Tax Day

Finding the Love (and Laughs!) In Tax Day
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It’s that time of year again. April 15th is here and all of us are thinking about our taxes. While paying money to Uncle Sam might not bring a laugh to your lips, I’d bet IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway would. She’s the star of my hilarious romantic mystery series, and is such a fantastic sharpshooter that she’s known as the Annie Oakley of the IRS. Of course, she’s also got a good-looking guy – or two! – in the mix. All work and no play, after all…

What is it that makes the combination of romance and comedy so popular? I have several theories.

The first is that love makes us feel scared and vulnerable. We are both intensely self conscious and keenly aware of our new partner. Let’s face it. New love can be awkward. What better way to reassure ourselves that we aren’t total goofballs than by reading about other aspiring lovers fumbling their way to each other?

My second theory is that romantic comedies are popular because they are universally relatable. Who of us hasn’t had a hopeless crush on someone else? Doodled their name in our notebooks? Driven by their house or apartment or hung out near their workplace with the hopes of “accidentally” running into the object of our affection? We’ve all been there, done that and can understand the angst and exhilaration attendant to such a crush.

Finally, I theorize that romantic comedies are popular for the characters’ resiliency. The hero and heroine might have screwed up multiple times, made absolute fools of themselves and lost their dignity and self-respect, but they soldier on. In the end things come together in a hopeful resolution, the screw-ups forgotten.

Wishing all of you lots of love, lots of laughs, and big tax refunds!


Author Diane Kelly is a former state assistant attorney general and tax advisor who spent much of her career fighting, or inadvertently working for, white-collar criminals. She is also a proud graduate of the Mansfield, Texas Citizens Police Academy.  Diane has combined her fascination with law enforcement and her love of animals in her K-9 cop Paw Enforcement series, which launches in June. For more information, visit her web site at, like her fan page at, or follow her on Twitter @dianekellybooks.

The Tara Holloway series includes:

Death, Taxes, and a French Manicure

Death, Taxes, and a Skinny No-Whip Latte

Death, Taxes, and Extra-Hold Hairspray

Death, Taxes, and Peach Sangria

Death, Taxes, and Hot Pink Leg Warmers

Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream

and coming this July Death, Taxes, and Silver Spurs 

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