First Crush by Louisa Edwards + Giveaway!!!

First Crush by Louisa Edwards + Giveaway!!!

My first crush was the boy who sat next to me in 2nd grade, Shawn. He was a bad boy (of course!) always getting in trouble and mouthing off to the teacher—which was highly exciting to little goody-two-shoes Louisa. He wrote me my very first love letter, then immediately got embarrassed and ripped it out of my hands, wadding it up and cramming it into the depths of his desk. But I retrieved the letter and kept it in my dinosaur pencil case the whole year.

Decades later, I’m happily married and wouldn’t change my life for anything—but I still wonder, sometimes, what happened to Shawn Last-Name-Forgotten.

What would you do if you came face to face with your first crush? What would you say? More to the point—what would HE say?

These are the questions my heroine faces in Too Hot to Touch when her longtime, unrequited first love shows up at her workplace. Max Lunden is back from traveling the world and learning exotic cooking techniques, called home to his family’s restaurant in Greenwich Village to help them enter the biggest culinary competition in the United States.

But Jules Cavanaugh doesn’t want his help. All she wants is to repay the Lunden family for taking her in when she was a runaway teen by winning the Rising Star Chef competition for them. Max Lunden, with his too-sexy smile and his wicked ways, is just a distraction from what really matters…until Max figures out that what he’s been searching for was right in his own backyard the whole time, and starts waging a campaign to convince Jules that the sparks between them are more than just a crush.

Tell me about your first crush! Was he the boy next door? The older brother of a friend? Comment to be entered in the drawing for a signed copy of Too Hot to Touch!

***Louisa will choose her winner & announce in the comment section – check back & see if it’s you!! GOOD LUCK!

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