Five Things We Love About Jamie Dornan

1. He’s Irish.

Which means he has a cute accent, comes from the land of Guinness, and has luck on his side!




2. This Calvin Klein ad is–in our opinion–one of the steamiest ads they’ve done and it features Jamie.  We definitely wouldn’t mind coming across this in a magazine.

Photo courtesy of E! Online

3. He’s a new father to baby girl with his beautiful wife Amelia Warner.

We both love and hate this. Hate it because it means he’s taken, but love it because Amelia Warner is gorgeous and we’re happy he’s happy, right?

4. He’s endorsed by Kiera Knightley (who he dated for two years).

She says, of his role in 50 Shades, “He’s a very good looking boy, I’m sure the girls will love him.” A post break-up endorsement? That’s pretty tough to come by.

5. This.

Just this picture. Whew.

Picture courtesy of Express UK

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