WINNERS ANNOUNCED – FREE BOOKS – ‘4 best blogs offer readers more’

WINNERS ANNOUNCED – FREE BOOKS – ‘4 best blogs offer readers more’
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hea usa todayDevilish Delights” – The top romance blogs team up to give away free books & celebrate the genre . . . it’s the monthly Romance Round Robin! Stop by all four blogs and leave a comment for a chance to win awesome prizes on each site.

Romance at Random: Discover Samantha Kane’s sensual tale of wicked passion, The Devil’s Thief, and enter to win one of 5 prize packs including a limited edition advance print copy of this hot historical. Plus one Grand Prize $15 Gift Certificate from a book retailer of your choice. (US only)

Heroes & Heartbreakers: Read an excerpt of Valerie Bowman’s Secrets of a Wedding Night & enter to win one of 5 prize packs including Julianne Maclean’s Be My Prince.

USA Today Happy Ever After: Find out how romance authors answer the question, “What has the devil made you do?” and enter to win a box of newer releases!

Discover a New Love: Get the scoop on Samantha Grace’s Miss Lavigne’s Little White Lie and enter to win one of 4 fabulous tea, book and tote prizes from Sourcebooks and the Republic of Tea.

Winners announced on 9/24 – enter now!

The Devil Made Me Do It

Do you remember those silly things that tempted you when you were young? You know, things that are inherently bad for you. Obvious stuff like driving too fast, cigarettes, alcohol, and frat boys? (Usually a combination of all of those, with various substitutions now and again of other death defying pastimes.) Now, of course, we’re older and wiser. Right? I like to pretend I am, anyway. I’m sedately married (at least that’s what’s the neighbors think), and I drive a minivan (never over the speed limit). I don’t smoke, drink alcohol and I’m caffeine free. Okay, none of those last three are by choice, but by doctor’s orders because of allergies. But it counts as a sacrifice. It DOES.

But there are still temptations out there, even for straight arrows like me *cough, cough* Um, what was I saying before I broke down in a fit of hysterical laughter? Oh, yes. Temptation. What, you ask, could tempt a paragon like myself? Alas, temptation thy name is Almond Joy. Seriously. Hi, my name is Sam and I’m an Almond Joy junkie. I was innocently walking my shopping cart down the peanut butter aisle (btw, peanut butter is the greatest American innovation of ALL TIME. Do not disagree with me. We need to have a George Washington Carver holiday. Get on that, people, stat), when what did I see but a bag of Bite. Sized. Almond Joys. BITE SIZED. That means you can just pop that sucker in your mouth and stash the evidence and no one will be the wiser. Perhaps I should preface this with that fact that I am on a diet so that I can fit back into my jeans this fall. Oh, Internet, this is bad.

Damn you, Hershey Company and your bite sized pieces of chocolate covered coconut and almond that are pure perfection when I feel like a nut. The devil made me do it. There can be no other valid excuse for why I grabbed that bag off the shelf and tossed into the grocery cart. I also bought Skippy Natural Peanut Butter, with no preservatives. But that in NO way makes up for my moment of weakness. Which was later compounded by the fact I hid the bag on the top shelf of the pantry where the kids couldn’t find it. I. Am. So. Bad.

What temptations have you given into lately? Don’t worry, there’s no judgment here. We all know the devil made you do it.
samantha kane
Author Bio:
Samantha Kane lives in North Carolina with her husband of fifteen years and three children, two boys and one girl. She spent seven years as a high school history teacher before becoming a full time writer and mom. Ms. Kane has a Master’s degree in American History.

Visit her on her website | Twitter | Facebook

Free excerpt – check out THE DEVIL’S THIEF – pre-order here:
The Devil’s Thief by Samantha Kane, Excerpt

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