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When Sue from Romance at Random asked me to write about what I like about the New Year, I figured, “This is going to be easy and so much fun. Well, I did sit down to write this post a few times, but it seemed to come out mixed up and all wrong. So… I figured this time, I am just going to write from the heart without an end in mind.

I have so many things that I like about a New Year that I almost don’t even know where to start. Lets start with what most people LIKE and HATE. The RESOLUTIONS!!!

People love them because it means a new start to that never-ending goal. Even better… it means a fresh start to “losing that baby weight.” For me, I neither say, nor do I have any resolutions. Why? Because I believe in setting goals and or doing things that I know I can obtain.

Most resolutions are things that are not in reach.

“This year I’m going on a VACATION.”

If you were planning a vacation, you would start well in advance — not two to six months before. So for me, they (the resolutions) are silly.

I believe that every day is a FRESH START WITH A NEW BEGINNING! Not just ONE time a year. If in June, you’re feeling stuck in a rut in life, just remember that tomorrow, when you wake, it’s a NEW DAY and a NEW BEGINNING to a NEW YOU! Celebrate another year of your life, seeing the change of seasons all over again, and celebrate your children.

Another thing that I love about a New Year, is finishing a good series. I typically only read books in series unless it’s written by an author that I ABSOLUTELY love! I would begin reading the series when the author was close to releasing book two or even book three. As a book reviewer, I now get them before they even come out! It’s great, but the only problem is you get stuck waiting.

I have one series that I started reading in July. Book two was released in October and the third book is set to be released this summer. To keep me busy in between, the New Year brings so many new books, authors, movies, actors, and of course, technology. Personally, I think the books, authors and movies are the best part!

I hope that this new year brings you all the joy and happiness you are looking for. I also hope that you will take the time to come and visit me on my blog at any point this year and beyond.

Could you please take a minute to share what you appreciate about the new year? 5 commenters win a book every week – randomly chosen & announced on Sunday – good luck!

Written by GreenIdMama from Life Happens With Kids

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