future trends in romance? + Giveaway!

future trends in romance? + Giveaway!

Steampunk was kind of a flash in the pan last year – some authors in the romance genre have written stories & have done well, and others . . . well, have crashed and burned.

Trends — they are around us – everywhere! Trends in clothes, food, cosmetics – even nail polish colors !!!

Believe it or not, trends in romance start with you – the reader – really? You betcha! Publishing guru’s around the world watch what you are reading, buying & your reaction to those stories.

Right now, readers are buying lots of Contemporary — oh yea, that is what the market shows! Robyn Carr, Linda Lael Miller & Mariah Stewart are some of authors that you may have read in this sub-genre.

Historical regency’s are still a favorite (Georgian period too); Paranormal is alive and well & even though we say we are tired of vampires we are still buying them ????

Time travel romances are apparently more niche, as is Futuristic. Suspense romances have their ups and downs.

Military romances, seem to be on the uptick, and Sports — oh my . . . or is just because of the covers?

So, what makes you read what you do — we’re talking genre here, FOR EXAMPLE: why is the straight contemporary story so hot & the time travel contemporary so not? What do you think?

remember, every week 5 randomly chosen commenters win a free book – winners announced on Sunday – good luck!

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