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We couldn’t visit New Orleans with out stopping by the world famous Bottom Of The Cup Tea Room to get our palms read. There we caught up with Tom Mullen, the third generation owner of Bottom of the Cup, who filled us in on the history, gave us an overview of the services offered, and clued us in on how certain crystals can help improve a writer’s creative process.

Bottom of the Cup (327 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130)

Psychic Readings 10 A.M to 6 P.M Central Time.
Phone Readings, Appointments or Information call:1-800-729-7148


How long has Bottom of the Cup Tea Room been around and what makes it world famous?

Bottom of the Cup was opened in January 1929, since then we have enjoyed an International Clientele. We were one of the first establishments doing Psychic Readings via an 800 number. For over 40 years our clients have enjoyed the convenience of calling us and having a psychic reading in the comfort of their own surroundings. We consider every customer a faithful client!

What type of readings do you offer?

We have Tarot Card, Palm, and Tea Leaf readings available. Our most popular reading lasts about 30 minutes and is recorded on a CD for you, if you like you can combine a couple of types of readings within the 30 minutes, such as cards and palm for example. We also do a 10 minute version which is also recorded, we usually can fit in just one type of reading within that time. The 30 minute reading costs $65.00 and the 10 minute reading costs $35.00.

What type of reading would you recommend to someone coming for the first time?

It really doesn’t matter which type of reading you have for your first time. The cards are very visual, the palm will read the lines in your hand and point out your strong and weak tendencies, and the tea leaves show figures and such, these symbols take on specific meanings depending on where they appear in the cup. No matter what type of reading you get at Bottom of the Cup the Psychic will receive personal information pertaining to you.

In addition to getting a reading done, what items in your store would you recommend for someone looking to enhance their love life? Or romance writing skills?

Clear quarts crystals give pure energy, some writers like to have a Herkimer Diamond on their desk while they write. A Herkimer Diamond is a double terminated quartz crystal (a crystal with a point on both ends), that is very clear which is found in Herkimer, NY. For romance writing you should also have Rose Quartz, and Amethyst is good for clear thoughts and imagination.

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