Get Lucky Week: Love Rituals

Everyone has their own weird love superstitions: a lucky pair of underwear, an amount of time they wait before calling someone back, a ritual they do in the mirror before they go out, but have any of you ever tried (or would try) these wacky (and sometimes gross) traditions?

1. Sleep with a piece of wedding cake (or a mirror–how these two vastly different objects will bring about the same result is unclear to me) and you will dream of the one you will marry. I’m imagining this would result less in dreams of Prince Charming and more in sugary icing in your hair and all over your sheets, but you never know.

2. Swallow whole the heart of a chicken and you will have your choice of man or woman to marry. Does this mean I can choose Ryan Gosling as my husband? Because if so, I might need to find a specialty butcher shop tonight…

3. Steal the hatband of the man you desire and wear it as a garter. This works best in the 1890s in the Wild Wild West, but if you know a modern day cowboy, get to prying that hatband off when he’s not looking!

4. If a girl stumbles near the top of a stairway, she will marry soon, but if she stumbles near the bottom, many a day will pass before she marries. Obviously this has nothing to do with clumsiness or, say, the pile of laundry blocking the bottom of the stairs. Also..does this count if you “accidentally” stumble at the top of the stairs?

5. If you’re lucky enough to be choosing between eligible suitors, Stick a bunch of apple seeds to your face “each named for one of the lovers…the last seed to fall off represents the person who loves you wholeheartedly.” How you’re supposed to figure out which seed is who is beyond me. But give it a try!

Superstitions came from: Reader’s Digest and This Eclectic Life 

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