Ghosts . . . . do you believe? + Giveaway!

Ghosts . . . . do you believe? + Giveaway!

I love paranormal romances – Karen Marie Moning; JR Ward; Sherrilyn Kenyon; Christine Feehan – love them all!


I’ve never been a believer in ghosts . . . now, I have to tread carefully here, because many people do believe in them . . .
I had even tried to find some statistics regarding the percentage of the population that believed in ghosts but I did not come up with anything believable, or that I thought was believable but supposedly a lot of people in the world do believe in ghosts — not demons, the devil, not zombies but ghosts.

I am just one of the unbelievers, I just don’t. I don’t believe in ghosts. I do know there are gremlins that live in my computer and at times are the cause of some terrible mischief, but they are not ghosts.
Sometimes I misplace things but, I’m pretty sure . . . that is my dog. Sometimes I find those items fairly chewed up, therefore, evidence it would not be a ghost . . . . well, they don’t have teeth, do they?

So – all you ghost believers out there — why do you believe and do you like stories about the supernatural, or that involve ghosts?
Extra bonus points if you can name a few romance stories that do include those ghostly creatures.

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