Girls, Episode Five Recap

Girls, Episode Five Recap
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Hannah and Adam are at her editor’s funeral. She is excited to spot Zadie Smith.

And then she meets David’s wife. Yes, his wife. A great cameo by Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein, Friends with Kids.) At the reception, Adam wants to leave but Hannah declares she is not until she’s “locked eyes with [New York Times book critic] Michiko Kakutani.” She again says hello to David’s wife, and can’t conceal her shock that he was married. To a woman.

David’s wife: “You thought he was gay.””

Hannah: No!

David’s wife: It’s okay

Hannah: No, I thought he was straight. I thought he wanted to sleep with me.

David’s wife: A lot of people think he was gay. And…he was. Sometimes.

David’s wife lets it slip that that the publisher has dropped all of his projects. Hannah, sensitive as always, asks the grieving widow: “So my book is dead? Do you happen to know another publisher that I could maybe slip the manuscript to?”

David’s wife, appalled: “Um, okay. If I did give you another name, would you get the %$* out of here?”

Hannah: “Yes.”

Shosh is fed up with living with Jessa. She really needs to study. Her recent sexual hijinx have taken a toll on her GPA.

Back at Hannah’s apartment, Adam and Caroline are fighting. Hannah shares the news that she has a meeting with a potential new publisher. The arguing continues between  Adam and Caroline. Hannah acts as mediator, holding a “Dr. Phil” intervention. Caroline says that Adam’s animosity is clearly a manifestation of his repressed desire for her. Hannah says that’s something that should never be said aloud.

Marnie, in her continuing downward spiral, has a new kitten. Step one towards her future as a lonely cat lady?

Hannah meets with potential new publisher.  They tell her she is “Mindy Kaling meets Joan Didion.” Hannah says she loves Mindy Kaling. The publisher says, “But she holds back.” Hannah agrees with this assessment. The publisher says “But you — you take it there, and then you take it even further.”  They ask what her brand is, and she says “Well, I’m from the Midwest. So I’ll always be 15 to 40 pounds overweight. Depending on how far I live from the coast.” That, and the fact that she can’t keep her mouth shut. They tell her they don’t do e-books so they want to go straight to print book. She’s elated.

Marnie visits Ray. She wants him to tell her what’s wrong with her.

Ray: “For beginners, you are extremely judgmental. You come across like you’re better than everyone. Also, you’re unbearably uptight. You use people. Even when you try to connect to people, it comes across as phony. I think that sums it up in a nutshell. You’re a huge, fat phony. But, that being said, I still like you.” After assuring her that she’s fundamentally a decent person, he asks her if she wants a hug. She does. They have sex. Afterwards, they sit awkwardly. Walking her to the door, he says,“Maybe we should keep this on the D.L…the down low.”

Marnie: “Go f*&%$ yourself. As if I’d advertise this.”

Hannah’s father calls with some bad news. Apparently, Hannah’s lawyer cousin looked over her old publishing contract and it seems they still own the rights to the material they bought even if they don’t publish it. She can’t sell it somewhere else for three years. Needless to say, she does not take this news well. She tells her father he’s delusional and insane and basically hands up on him. She then takes her frustration out on Caroline — whom she kicks out of the apartment.

Adam returns home to find Hannah lying on the couch. He notices his sister isn’t there and asks, where is she?

Hannah: I kicked her out.

Adam: What?? Why?

Hannah: Because she was hurting our lives and I thought it would make you happy.

Adam: What happened? Where’d she go? What did you do? I’m supposed to be taking care of her. She’s my sister!

Hannah says nothing. He storms out.

This episode basically continues the relentless theme that Hannah’s selfishness knows no bounds, Adam is crazy for putting up with her, and Marnie is a loser. How it it possible that Ray is increasingly becoming the most sympathetic person on the show?

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