Girls, Episode Nine Recap

Girls, Episode Nine Recap
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Hannah is walking down the street eating salad out of a plastic container when she gets a call from her mother that her grandmother is dying. She has to go home.

Adam can’t go with her because it’s the first week of rehearsals for the show. She’s like, yeah, I totally get it. But it’s clear she doesn’t feel great about it. He says he misses her when she’s gone even for one night. “Yeah, but you’re going to have fun with all your new theater friends.” He wrestles with her and defuses the tension.

Hannah is at the hospital. Her grandmother tells her she has two rods in her leg because of her femur and says, “Can you believe that?” “No,” says Hannah. “You do not look like the two rod type.” Her grandmother tells her that now she also has pneumonia.

Hannah and her mother go out to get something to eat. Her mother asks Hannah if she will tell her grandmother that she is going to marry Adam just so she feels better before she dies. Hannah’s like, “What? Why?” Her mother says that nothing is going on with any of the grandkids romantically. “I’m not marrying Adam,” Hannah says. “She’s going to die soon,” says her mother. “What does it matter?”

Back at her grandmother’s house, Hannah sees her cousin Rebecca, who’s studying for med school. Hannah asks how are all the hot doctors-to-be and Rebecca gets annoyed. She says that suggesting that she is in med school to marry a doctor diminishes what she’s accomplished. Hannah apologizes and says it’s just that she’s seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Her cousin clearly can’t stand her, but still asks her to go out for a drink later.

In the kitchen, Hannah’s mother and her sisters are dividing up the grandmother’s Oxy Contin. They start arguing over their mother’s engagement ring. Hannah’s mother says since she has the oldest grandaugther, she gets the ring. “What’s Hannah going to do with it?”

Hannah’s mother: “She’s going to wear it on her f*cking finger when she gets engaged. She’s practically engaged now. Rebeccas doesn’t even have a boyfriend.”  One of the sisters, Sissy, says she shouldn’t be out of the running for the ring just because she doesn’t have a daughter. “See? This is why I started an advocacy group for the childless.”

On the phone, Hannah tells Adam about her mother’s request that she lie about getting married. Adam is so adamently against it. Hannah says, “Well, it’s not a total lie.” Adam says, but we aren’t getting married. Hannah asks him, Don’t you ever want to get married? And then he’s called back to rehearsal. “Okay. Just forget we ever talked about this.” But then she tells him she thought was “thinking about this” in a more committed way.

Adam: “I am. I’m committed to you at this time.”

She gets really angry and hangs up.

Hannah and Rebecca go to a bar. Rebecca is being really rude to her, and admits that it’s because Hannah told her the truth about he father going to jail for insider trading when she was only six years old. “It wasn’t like he sex trafficked,” Hannah says. They get into an argument. Hannah says she has no sense of humor. Rebecca tells her that their grandmother said she was “loose.”

Driving back from the bar, Rebecca is texting while driving and slams into a parked car. Now Hannah and Rebecca are the ones in the hospital. Adam shows up all sweaty and agitated and tells Hannah not to only text him “car crash.” He says, “You scared the sh*t out of me!”

Hannah’s mother and the aunts rush in. They all start fighting about the fact that Sissy is getting the house. A nurse rushes over and tells them to be quiet. Hannah’s mother apologizes to Adam. Adam leaves to go to the bathroom. Rebecca tells Hannah he seems nice. A truce is in the works: they hold hands.

Hannah takes Adam in to see her grandmother.

Grandmother: “I’m nto really up to meeting someone new.”

Adam: “Hannah and I are getting married.”  Hannah looks at him in surprise.

Grandmother: “Here’s what I have to say about marriage: Some day you will look at him hatign him with every fiber of your being wishing he would die the most violent death possible. It will pass.”

Outside the room, Hannah’s mother thanks them. Adam has to head back to the city for rehearsal tomorrow. When he leaves, Hananh says, “I guess if grandma lives we’re going to have to get married. Her mother says, “Keep the job, not the guy.” Hannah’s like, what?? Her mother says, “You’re so special, you deserve everything and more. He’s nice but…stay open to possibilities.”

Hannah: “How dare you talk about someone you know literally nothing about?”

Her mother: “He’s odd, he’s angry, he’s uncomfortable in his own skin. He bounces aroudn from thing to thing. I don’t want you to spend your whole life socializing him like he’s a stray dog.”

It’s clear her words are wounding Hannah.

In the end, grandma is doing much better. She tells Hannah she doesn’t look good. Hannah says she’s fine, and you’re going to be fine. The doctors were wrong. “People aren’t always right,” her grandmother says. Hannah says no, they’re not. It seems like she might be thinking about what her mother just said about Adam.

Back in Manhattan, just out of the train station,  Hannah gets a call from Rebecca. Her grandmother is dead — Hannah has to  come right back.

This is by far the best episode of the season. It shows Hannah’s feelings and vulnerability towards Adam.  Her mother’s attitude about Adam’s suitability for Hannah’s future is a reminder of how little we know about love and life in out twenties — that the perfect guy at age twenty-five is not necessarily the guy you want to be with when you’re forty-five. But your twenties is like living in a bubble, and in this episode that bubble finally bursts, if only for a second.


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