Girls, Episode Ten Recap

Girls, Episode Ten Recap
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Finally, GIRLS back to its best: laugh-out-loud humor and a deep pathos that lingers long after the closing credits.

Hannah is out pounding shots with her work friends and she gets so drunk she barely makes it outside the bar before she pukes. Joe brings her back to his place and takes care of her all night.

The next day, Marnie shows up at Soojin’s new gallery space to discuss a job. “What I really need is an assistant who’s more qualified than I am.” “Assistant?” Marnie squeeks. Soojin tells her yes, it’s a really small staff and her “best homo friend” is already gallery director. Marnie takes the job. Before leaving, she asks Soojin, “How old are you?” She’s twenty-four,” but for the cred and intrigue of the gallery I’m going to say twenty-two.”

Hannah bursts into the apartment and apologizes to Adam. “It was so irresponsible!” she says. “Did you have fun with your work friends?” he asks, walking into the bathroom to check out his outfit for rehearsal. “Were you worried about me? I slept at Joe’s house. He’s a guy.” Adam couldn’t care less. He asks her opinion about his coat from wardrobe. She showers, and he’s reading a book. She climbs onto his lap and they start kissing but he eventually pushes her off saying, “I don’t want to get sticky before rehearsal.” “Are you serious?” she says. He says, “I still love you.” “I still love you — it’s not a big deal.”

Marnie is hanging out with Desi, Adam’s buddy from the play. He’s playing the guitar and reading lyrics she wrote in her journal, which she dismisses as stuff she just wrote “on Ambien.” He encourages her, gets her to sing, and there seems to be chemistry between them, especially when he starts singing to her “I need you in my bed now…” But then he tells her he really misses his girlfriend, Clementine, who has to travel a lot for work.

Jessa is lounging and laughing with her annoying man-friend from rehab in Shosh’s apartment . Shosh, trying to study, has clearly had it with both of them.

Hannah shows up at Adam’s play rehearsal because he invited her to. But the director yells at her to get out, and Adam acts like he doesn’t know why she’s there. She leaves humiliated.

Cut to: Hannah eating a burrito in bed with Elijah. “That romance, that mystery, that thrill — that goes. And you know what you’re left with? Trying to seduce someone who just wants you to leave so they can jerk off and take the bus to rehearsal.” She says there’s nothing weird or exciting about their sex life anymore. “He’s treating me like an ottoman with a vagina.” She tells Elijah that the thing about Adam is that he’s the best person she’s ever known. “Is he?” Elijah says, eyebrow raised. Hannah decides she just needs to do something to remind he why they love each other.

He calls her from rehearsal, and tell her to meet him at a bar at nine. She calls Marnie and asks to borrow her apartment.

That night, Jessa and her man-friend show up at a restaurant where they are meeting Shosh. They are surprised with her man-friend’s daughter shows up. Shosh called her. Jessa is appalled. The daughter, Dot, says, “How old is she, Dad?” Jessa gets indignant: “I’m forty seven years old. I deserve a little respect.” The daughter is having none of it, and shames her father into ditching Jessa so he can get clean again. Later, Shosh finds Jessa sitting outside on the sidewalk smoking, “I hope you’re happy,” Jessa says bitterly. “You look like a junkie,” says Shosh. “I am a junkie,” says Jessa.

Hannah is at a bar wearing a platinum blonde wig. Adam walks in and doesn’t recognize her. When she finally gets his attention, she is in full-on role playing as the lonely wife of a hedgefunder. She is so committed to it, and he is so confused, that it’s the funniest scene of the season. “May I be so bold as to ask what sorts of women interest you?” “Married sluts like you.” She throws her drink in his face. “Are you on crack? I’m a married older woman! I have a child your age.” She runs outside and he follows her. “No one talks to me like that but my husband!” A stranger tries to break up their ‘argument’ and ends up punching Adam in the face.

They go to Marnie’s, where Hannah tells Adam, “This is my husband’s pied-a-terre.” She has champagne and strawberries on the bed. More hilarious role-playing dialogue ensues, the best of which is not appropriate for detailing here. This is an episode you have to watch for yourself.  He tells her to take off her clothes, and she puts up faint protest before whipping off her sweater to reveal a black lacy undergarment that just criss-crosses over her bare breasts. “Skirt too,” he says. “This is humiliating,” says Hannah. He orders her to get on the bed. He tells her to eat a strawberry — whole. “I’m afraid to eat the green part.” He insists she eat it whole: “Swallow it whole, you just can’t have part,” he repeats. (Is this a metaphor for relationships?) She spits it out, “Very hard to do,” she says, still trying to maintain her role-playing voice and look sexy.

They have sex, but here Hannah switches to a different role-playing dynamic (popular chearleader and high school weirdo) and Adam gets annoyed. “you can’t change roles in the middle of everything. It doesn’t make any narrative sense.” She says what, now that you’re in a play you’re the expert in what makes narrative sense? She says she was just trying to do something you’d like, like have sex the way that we used to. “What do you mean the way that we used to? You don’t like the way that we do it now?”  She says it’s just that he used to be so creative and that was the way sex was between them. He says it wasn’t all creepy and pre-planned like this — that it came to him in the moment. He says she has an old idea of who he is. He tells her he used to have meaningless sex and pick up women in bars to keep from drinking. But “then we fell in love, and then I just wanted to have sex with just you — as us.” He says if the sex they’ve been having isn’t working for her, then he’s sorry he disappointed her. She says that’s not what she meant. He says he has a job to do now and isn’t there to fill her life with stories for Twitter. She says she has a job to and he says it’s not the same thing. Now she’s getting pissed. “Really? That’s crazy.” He says he cant’ do this — he has to focus. He’s going to stay at Ray’s. She’s like wait — what? He says he’s just going to stay at Ray’s through the rehearsal process so he can avoid dealing with all this drama. “What drama?” she asks. “This is just me.” Adam says, “Exactly.”  And he leaves.


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