Good riddance to these 2012 commercials!

Good riddance to these 2012 commercials!

Unfortunately there is no guarantee, my least favorite commercials could follow me into the New Year, 2013 — hopefully not though. Hopefully, these companies will want to update their message, create a new promotion to entice consumers to try their products — one could only hope. . . .


This is one commercial that drove my husband crazy — weeeeeeee — he would actually turn down the sound so as not to hear the pig’s screeching LOL!

Another favorite of ours — NOT — was the caveman commercials – remember these?geico

My least favorite commercial has to be the one with Jimmy Fallon and the baby – promoting Capitol One — love the company, not the commercial:

capitol one

On the other hand, I LOVE the antelopes wearing night vision goggles . . . .geico OMG this is hillarious! Geico certainly has some creative peeps working for them.

Share with us won’t you? What are some of your least favorite commercials, and if you have a favorite you can share that too.




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