Guest Post -2012 Reading Goals + Giveaway!

Guest Post -2012 Reading Goals + Giveaway!

2012 Reading Goals

Holly: Many of us set resolutions in the new year. I personally don’t believe in resolutions. I feel like I’m just setting myself up for failure when I set resolutions. Year before last, I did set a reading goal. I’d planned to read 144 books and I reached my goal. Last year I set a reading goal of 211 books in 2011 and didn’t reach it. I only read 191 (I think. I haven’t tallied up all the re-reads yet). Not a bad number, but not the number I was shooting for.

This year I’m going to try for 200. That’s about 16 books a month, approximately 3 a week. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. 2011 was a pretty crazy year. I had a hard pregnancy and then a newborn, so my concentration was shot. I’m hoping I’ll be able to focus more in 2012.

I also want to try to read a better variety. Most of what I read in 2012 were contemporary romance. I burned out on paranormal a few years ago and haven’t read but a handful since. I’m going to try to get back into them. I also want to get through my giant pile of historicals. To that end, I think I might join a TBR (to-be-read) challenge so I’m forced to read at least one book from my TBR pile per month. I need to start culling that bad boy down.

Rowena: I always set goals. Whether they’re life goals, work goals, reading goals. I set them. Sometimes I accomplish them and most of the time I don’t but I don’t mind, it doesn’t stop me from setting them. I love lists and I’ll keep making them whether I finish them or not. Last year, I barely accomplished the only goal that I was actively keeping all year long so this year I’m piping down.

Of course, that goal was a bookish one. It was my reading goal of reading 150 books in the entire year of 2011. I read 150 books and that’s it. Not more, but not less which I’m glad for. I don’t think I’d be able to do it again but I’m going to try to do it again anyway. As of right now, I’m totally stinking it up on that reading challenge but I still have a little under 12 months to get my act together so wish me luck on that one.

Other reading goals that I have are reading more romance novels. Last year, I read a lot of YA books and my romance novels fell off my radar. I’m going to spend this year getting back into my love stories of people my own age. Again, wish me luck.

What are some of your reading goals for this year? Remember, every week 5 winners are chosen randomly for a free book — announced on Sunday, Good Luck!!

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